The Opened World

Buried and Risen

Some things won't stay buried

Jerys brings Lupa back to Jabera‘s dojo and the necromancer is welcomed into the Sacred Few. Tavi returns soon after and the four attempt to decipher the mirror found in the sewer. Believing it to be some sort of portal, but lacking any further clues to its identity, they covertly move it to the dojo. Jabera’s students construct a rudimentary shed and mirror is buried face down inside, adjacent to his quarters.

The group trades further information and decides that the wealthy Sadinian noble Tehren is their best hope in continuing their campaign against the zoarchs. Jaberra digs up some old contacts and unearths his old life as an assassin to meet one of Tehren’s main middle men. This leads to an in at an upcoming gala at Tehren’s villa, where Jerys will take a VIP invitation in and the rest of the party posing as security.



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