The Opened World

Everyone's Gonna Be There

Its not party crashing till you kill the host

Having made contact with Tehren‘s underworld majordomo, the Sacred Few crash Tehren’s gala for the rich and powerful. While Tavi and Jaberra get “hired” as “security”, Jerys and Lupa pose as a cantankerous wheelchair-bound noble and his mute nurse. Jerys’s antics earn the annoyance of nearly everyone, Lupa included. Tehren seems to see right through the disguise, but invites them into his inner quarters for a special offer (all while Lupa poisons the hulking bodyguard). Jaberra sneaks into Tehren’s private chambers, uncovering a hidden key and important account documents. Tavi takes Jerys’s wheelchair into the dining chambers, while Lupa is forced to wait outside with the guards. Guests are offered gifts to further their ambitions for power, with a chance to decline and leave. When a few depart, Lupa observes their slaughter and replacement minutes later with what seem to be body doubles. Inside, a suspicious incense seems to dull mystic connections, but Tavi is able to keep himself inside a safe bubble. While Jaberra clings to the underside of the table, Jarys rejects a suspicious toast, opting for only food. Startlingly something begins crawling around in his throat and Jerys is unable to expel the parasites. The group decides to attack, easily routing the poisoned bodyguard and surprised ex-inquisitor, but Jerys’s powers take a turn for the creepy when his usual attacks ravage with scything talons and tentacles. Tehren seems remarkable nonplussed as he dies with a knowing smile. The group makes plans to loot the room.



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