The Opened World

Jerys' Journal: My Curse

Exert from the journal of Jerys:

“I can feel the heretical power growing within me like a Barbascan thorn weed. I feel it poisoning my blood, my mind, and my soul. Out of sheer spite I feel it reforming, perverting, and re-channeling my very essence. This curse will be the end of me if I cannot begin controlling it soon. I must visit the Alathan Temple. Perhaps those old fools will know what to do after all. I am sickened by the thought of going to the Priests like a derelict to beg for a cure; to beg for wisdom about how to cleanse my body and mind… but what choice do I have? The ”/campaign/the-opened-world/wikis/zoarch" class=“wiki-page-link”> Scourge must be cut out. I must be absolved. I must be sanitized."



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