The Opened World

Jerys' Journal: New Developments

No doubt that despite the valiance of our exploits upon the Zoarch‘s half-sunken pirate ship – you see, we saved Jabera’s two kidnapp ed students, SenSen and Khara – the only noteworthy event in Ir Sadina this day will be the indiscriminate arrival of my pompous and caviler brother, Na’artho. The “Mighty Inquisitor”! Mighty indeed… All Remnant with half a brain are aware that it was nothing more than his locutionary charisma that secured him that honorific title and position.

Despite our stealthy infiltration of the Zoarch ship, and despite the courageous dispatch of the Zoarch henchmen, it will be the news of the arrival of an “important Remnant inquisitor” to Alathan lands that will be on the tongues and minds of most.
(Redactors note: It was actually the destruction of the market district and infiltration of the Plague that was most noted that day. It was some time before the presence of the Inquisition was fully felt and months before the significance of the shipboard attack was truly revealed.)

But alas, I do not wish to fill these pages with words about my brother. He is a waste of ink.

We were fortunate enough to meet a new companion, Alabi, is her name. While her eyes shine brightly with youth and vigor, the wrinkles of her Melali features betray her incredibly advanced years. She can’t be younger than a century, possibly two. Nevertheless, despite her age, she fought bravely and formidably; within minutes of penetrating the Zoarch’s defenses, she managed to desolate the mind of the ship’s powerful Zoarch leader, sending him overboard in sheer terror. Her wisdom and powers are obvious; she will certainly be an asset.

But the high of battle lasts only so long. Soon after the rescue, the fear that had been gnawing at the back if my mind chewed it’s way back to the forefront of my consciousness. After the battle in which I killed Tehren (Redactors note: Jerys still possessed Tehren’s soul orb at this time.), and after which I foolishly consumed a foul Zoarch creation, I began growing a small tentacle on the right side of my rib cage. It yet has no feeling or function, and I have told no one other than Lupa and Jabera; I have advised them both to, I shudder to say it, dispatch with me if any serious transformation continues; and I fear that it will.
I must say however – and this thought truly worries me – the power gifted to me by Tehren, just before put a ball of life energy through his chest, is absolutely exhilarating. I can feel Life energy flowing through my body like I have never felt before. I feel like a bursting cistern, constantly overflowing with rushing, invigorating water. There are times which I think I might rupture. Times when I yearn to rupture. Times when I MUST rupture; not caring for one instant about whom I might hurt or whom I might kill… Or transform? I shouldn’t be thinking about this at all, let alone writing about it. If this is ever discovered, especially by my brother, he won’t hesitate for a moment; I will be, at best, on a transport back to Remnant Lands for execution within a matter of minutes.



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