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Jerys' Journal: Notable Characters

Jerys Journal Characters

An entry from the journal of Jerys:

Who is this man who would pull me from a burning building, find healers to bring
me back to life, and then fight along side me for no discernable reason? Truthfully, his
powers frighten me. His control of “death” spirit is disturbing. It’s odd, however… his spirit
is alarmingly black, yet there seems to nevertheless be a certain glimmer of hope, or desire, or
possibly love in him? I do not know him well enough to tell yet. Regardless, this Lupa seems
loyal, to be sure; I am beginning to trust him, but whether or not that is wise, time will only
We were able to “discern” a certain amount information out of a few “willing”
Alathans today regarding the Zoarch threat. This is becoming larger and more complicated
than I want to admit. It seems the Zoarchs and their filthy heresies have penetrated deeply
within the minds and spirits of a large amount of not only my people, but the Alathans as
well… and possibly the Melali as well. I must find a way to cleanse the land, sea, and air
of the Scourge… Possibly if I can find this “Caldrous.” Perhaps that will lead me to where I
need to be… I must commit the information we acquired today to memory…

Tehren – Extremely rich and well-connected “old money” citizen of Ir Sadina. Has
possible connections to Caldrous and the Zoarch community.

Caldrous – A powerfully connected Remnant ex-Templar with marked anarchist
sensibilities. He has a strong connection with the overthrow of Ravenstone
Prison (the infamous, high-security, Northern Empire Alathan prison), and a
slew of miscellaneous riots and uprisings. He is possibly the head Warlord of the
Octopodi, and also possibly a high-ranking Zoarch himself. He possesses a large
unknown inscription and scar over his left eye.

Known “mafia”-esque parishes (The Ja’adin, or, “the damned”)
o The Parish of The Black Ring (lead by Bishop Ozig) – for whom Lupa
and I did a favor. Bishop Ozig seems a shrewd man, without fear, and who
possesses a great love for loyalty.
o The Parish of The Shattered Eye (lead by Bishop Thet)
o The Parish of The Lady’s Children (leader as yet unknown)
o The Parish of The Camp Wraiths (leader as yet unknown)
o The Parish of The Voice of Sayya (lead by Bishop Jinson)
o The Parish of The Catfish (leader as yet unknown)

Captain Tolan – Head of the Tarabolis Protectorate for this district of Ir Sadina.
Captain Tolan is an acute observer of others, possesses and sharp mind, and a
considerable amount of self-control, even under the influence of Alathan ale. He is
a friend to Lupa and myself, for we solved the mystery of his missing soldiers; they
were killed at the hands of a few crazed Homonculi that we dealt with swiftly.

Tyr – Head field agent for the Remnant Inquisitors and The Delve. Found out he was seen by
Captain Tolan a few weeks ago, poking his head into issues where he doesn’t belong.



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