The Opened World

What Lies Beneath

Not on the best cellar lists

As the Sacred Few search the quarters of the recently-slain Tehren, they hear a large explosion outside and Mambi enters the room. A deposed empress from the Kinsthet Desert with a score to settle, she had intended to confront Tehren about a stolen statue. The group decides that it is in their best interest to continue into the cellars in search of a different way out and perhaps more valuables. Pressing beyond the first rooms and some spider-ridden grain thank to Jerys’ recently-heightened gut instincts, they discover a trio of mutated lobster-like dog creatures gnawing on a pulsating fusion of limbs and entrails. Quickly routing the beasts, Jerys decision to tap into his darker side summons a hideous mass of eyes and tentacles. Lupa attacks the monstrosity back into the depths, while Mambi ignites the greasy water and Tavi spreads the embers and holds back the choking smoke. Jaberra discovers a blue Larantha orb that turns out to be the soul orb of a water sprite. Finally Jerys’ gut feeling leads them to a large room containing a glass experiment tank, ritual circles, and a well with a zoarch motif. Inside the tank is a six foot chitinous abomination, while two larger similar looking creatures stand sentry near a rear door and multi-eyed floating jellyfish circle the room. Tucked near the well is a letter from Caldrous to Tehren. Attuning himself to his new-found powers, Jerys steps to the entrance as a thousand eyes wait on his next move.



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