The Opened World

What Lies Beneath, Part II

While Jerys begins to channel life cycle energies into the experiment tank, the surrounding creatures merely watch. As the experiment (nicknamed Rover) begins to visibly grow, Jabera decides that Jerys must be pried away. However, his attempts to pry away the Biomancer draw the ire of the floating jellyfish-like abominations. They fill his head with horrifying visions of his neighborhood being destroyed, his students killed, and the environment consumed. Tavi is more confident in his own spiritual defenses and leaps in to pull away Jerys. A brief vision of horror is cleared from his mind by the blowing eye of Shah. However, the larger chitinous abominations in the rear now charge him, but Mambi blasts one with a rain of fire, also killing a nearby floater. Lupa cripples the charging beast and more fighting ensues. In the midst of this, Jabera comes to and tries to find the weak spot on the creatures armor, while Jerys returns to channeling into the experiment tank.

to be continued



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