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Jerys' Journal: Notable Characters
Jerys Journal Characters

An entry from the journal of Jerys:

Who is this man who would pull me from a burning building, find healers to bring
me back to life, and then fight along side me for no discernable reason? Truthfully, his
powers frighten me. His control of “death” spirit is disturbing. It’s odd, however… his spirit
is alarmingly black, yet there seems to nevertheless be a certain glimmer of hope, or desire, or
possibly love in him? I do not know him well enough to tell yet. Regardless, this Lupa seems
loyal, to be sure; I am beginning to trust him, but whether or not that is wise, time will only
We were able to “discern” a certain amount information out of a few “willing”
Alathans today regarding the Zoarch threat. This is becoming larger and more complicated
than I want to admit. It seems the Zoarchs and their filthy heresies have penetrated deeply
within the minds and spirits of a large amount of not only my people, but the Alathans as
well… and possibly the Melali as well. I must find a way to cleanse the land, sea, and air
of the Scourge… Possibly if I can find this “Caldrous.” Perhaps that will lead me to where I
need to be… I must commit the information we acquired today to memory…

Tehren – Extremely rich and well-connected “old money” citizen of Ir Sadina. Has
possible connections to Caldrous and the Zoarch community.

Caldrous – A powerfully connected Remnant ex-Templar with marked anarchist
sensibilities. He has a strong connection with the overthrow of Ravenstone
Prison (the infamous, high-security, Northern Empire Alathan prison), and a
slew of miscellaneous riots and uprisings. He is possibly the head Warlord of the
Octopodi, and also possibly a high-ranking Zoarch himself. He possesses a large
unknown inscription and scar over his left eye.

Known “mafia”-esque parishes (The Ja’adin, or, “the damned”)
o The Parish of The Black Ring (lead by Bishop Ozig) – for whom Lupa
and I did a favor. Bishop Ozig seems a shrewd man, without fear, and who
possesses a great love for loyalty.
o The Parish of The Shattered Eye (lead by Bishop Thet)
o The Parish of The Lady’s Children (leader as yet unknown)
o The Parish of The Camp Wraiths (leader as yet unknown)
o The Parish of The Voice of Sayya (lead by Bishop Jinson)
o The Parish of The Catfish (leader as yet unknown)

Captain Tolan – Head of the Tarabolis Protectorate for this district of Ir Sadina.
Captain Tolan is an acute observer of others, possesses and sharp mind, and a
considerable amount of self-control, even under the influence of Alathan ale. He is
a friend to Lupa and myself, for we solved the mystery of his missing soldiers; they
were killed at the hands of a few crazed Homonculi that we dealt with swiftly.

Tyr – Head field agent for the Remnant Inquisitors and The Delve. Found out he was seen by
Captain Tolan a few weeks ago, poking his head into issues where he doesn’t belong.

When Lupa met Jerys

Jerys meets Lupa while investigating Zoarch pamphlets on the docks. A fight ensues and Lupa saves him. They meet with Ozig of the Black Ring Jaadin and head into the sewers to clear his parish’s name. They find corpses, a homonculi warren, an odd mirror, and something large that lives in the sewers. They also befriend a local captain of the guard and get a bit more information. Hijinks ensue tbc

Return To The Homonculi Camp/What lies beneath

Place-holder. Jabera, Tavi, and Jerys return to the location of the homonculi slaver’s camp,to investigate the hollow tree and caverns beneath. tbc

Into the Fray
From the Journal of Jerys

The Zoarch Scourge seems ever-present. They beset me on all sides. I can see their mark in the ashes and ruble of ruined cities, in the pools of blood left behind by raids and incursions, and in the latent fear hiding behind the eyes of all who hear tales of the Scourge’s expansion.

They are filth.

They are abominations.

They are blasphemy made flesh.

I thank Tehsh that I never tire of being an instrument of their destruction. And I pray that others see the need for their eradication as urgently as I.

A useless old Alathan priest handed me a parchment this morning. He said they were circulating around Imperial and Council lands. The immensity of its heresy was infuriating. It spoke of freedom, destiny, and openness; but to those who have eyes to see, it was obvious that all it actually championed was the open spread of more Zoarch foulness. Worst of all, that same Alathan priest – the highest of his order – barely looked sickened by the words on the parchment. He almost seemed persuaded by its arguments; enticed even. How dare such a man function in such a high calling? This struggle with the Zoarchs may prove more difficult than expected, especially if my order cannot even count on its “holy ones” to fight like the zealots we are commanded to be.

I am, however, encouraged by the members of my new adventuring charter. They, of all people, seem to see the Filth and the Scourge for what they truly are. They understand the Octopodi and the Homunculi to be idolatrous vermin. Thank Tehsh that they can see the truth of things. We hence will be known as the Holy Few, and it is an apt name at that. Together we will rid this world of all blasphemy.

At first light we will head into the ruins of the mountain to seek out our enemies; and there will our long battle for purity, righteousness, and orthodoxy begin. May the Zoarchs feel our holy wrath. Soon will be the hour of their judgment. But now it is time for meditation, reflection, the study of the scriptures, and holy rest. My strength is sapped from a tavern skirmish with two drunken elementalists from Ir Alatha.

Tehsh, be with me in my rest, in my waking, and in my combat. You are forever hallowed; thanks be to you, giver of life, grower of all, sustainer of everything.

Return from the Fade/Kinsthet

The returned adventurers regale the clan with the missions to The Fade and the Kinsthet Desert. The eerie tales of the ghost-eyed hauntings, and curious were-ravens of Fade are coupled with joining the great hunt of the forest lord to down the terresque and the spectacular fight against the abomination summoning Zoarch to stop the ritual trying to destabilize The Eye of Life. The group from the Kinsthet explains the rough conditions, the odd sights of the mausoleum and finding of Vesa. Finally they share the betrayal of Tyr, the sanity-twisting abominations, and the gatherings of Zoarch in the underhavens pressing the delivery of the message to the world’s leaders.

Escape from the Ravenstone
A group of new adventurers makes their escape from the rioting prison

Rounded up and imprisoned for merely being around the crowds during the riot and bombing in Narathet, three dejected travelers sit in their cells in The Ravenstone awaiting their fate. Artosis KuraLani Rokan, soon joined by Teebo are quickly grilled by a remnant-trained Northern Empire inquisitor. Still loose tongued from the inquisitor’s truth incense, Teebo alerts the group to a coming prison riot, then secures their aid in trade for passage out of Imperial lands. As the riots break out, Rok hurls the man who freed them from their cells off the balcony, while Kuralani takes his wooden cudgel and some torches, fashioning makeshift weapons with her woodshape ability. Sneaking past rioters and guards alike, they make their way to a storage shed, gathering what they can quickly. Among their lucky finds is an imbued lantern, which releases a light elemental who assaults the oncoming guards. Unable to find a way over the wall, they are forced to contend with a group of hostile prisoners guarding a breech. Rok, sneaks behind as a distraction, feigning injury, while Artosis raises several corpses from the surrounding bodies. Kuralani enwraps the leader in vines, while Rok and the corpses commence a full scale beat down with Artosis hurling spells from the side. Leaving the leader alive but tied up, the make their way out to find Teebo stabbing him in the face with a poisoned dagger. Chastising the forger, they quickly navigate through the desert thanks to Kuralani, uncover the boarding passes, and make their way to the ship.

The Ravenstone

Khal’Dahk gets a message to recover some classified items from a recently arrested insane alchemist in order to protect an Imperial noble. Calling on contacts both high and low, they sneak into the maximum security Ravenstone, only to have the entire thing break out into riots. The group makes their own prison escape and nabs the items thanks to plenty of quick thinking.

Lulai and Liars

In their second quest as an adventuring clan, and in an attempt to earn a bit of notice, the group lends a hand to Lulai, an old friend of Adsila. She is seeking an old and stolen tablet depicting female melali shamans in an effort to earn acceptance for female shamans. Coming to a rural village, Khal’Dahk uses his fancy speaking and a rural inflection to convince the villagers that the group can help them find a missing child. Well into some local ruins, the grieving father admits to the whole thing being a ruse and uses the chance to kill the rogue fooling around with his wife. The group finds their way out with the tablet and discover’s the baby’s hiding place in the woods.

Ranch Of The Lush King

Here the members of the erstwhile adventuring group, somewhat split up, partially re-unite to form a clan in the Adventurer’s Guild. With the help of their new acquaintance Yen Specter, they claim a Jaadin hideout as their new clan home, defeating the Lush King. There they unearth the tarsi of Lumhast, gain their first glory points and make an ally of the Shattered Eye Jaadin and their bishop Thet.

Settlers of Kha'Hatan

A Maniani scout pops seemingly from nowhere in the jungle. He greets Content Not Found: Pilio_ warmly and is introduced to the rest of you. He explains the village is nearby and guides you there. The village is small, only 3 longhouses and a few outbuildings surround a large open walled pavilion. It seems to be the center of community life here with many gathered in various tasks. Content Not Found: Akalosi_, Pilio’s father embraces him, and explains that a large feast has been planned for the evening in celebration of his return and your visitation.
That evening, surrounding the large fire in the pavilion, Akalosi introduces you to Popo, the village guard, and Sula’i, the ancient looking shaman. All three tell stories of great battles, cunning tricksters, and a few jokes about Pilio as a child (which make little sense to even the Melali among you).
Akalosi explains that he is sending back cloudberries with you to Samara in exchange for Greatchief
Content Not Found: Uncheuay
’s gift. “The cloudberries, contain the blood of the Life Mother. Their juice is tasty on its own, but more importantly it helps the body heal and grow. Just rubbing them on a wound can help it heal quickly. They grow through the jungle but those near ”/campaign/the-opened-world/wikis/mount-neheli" class=“wiki-page-link”>Mount Neheli are almost twice as big and far more potent. You should go gather them yourselves so you may see the beauty of the great mountain and taste the gift of her fruits. Take what you like from the berries but be sure to bring plenty back to give to Uncheuay. While you are there, you will be close to a Druid camp on the windward side. Send them my greetings and bring their news back to me. You should leave tomorrow after a good sleep." 

After a quick jungle encounter fighting off carnivorous plants, the group makes their way to the druid camp. As the trees around seem to be getting larger and more covered in moss, and even other plants, a hush seems to have taken over. The undergrowth is thinner with less light getting through and it feels eerily quiet. “That is far enough. The grove is sacred and the trees speak of blood on your hands. What is it you want here?” The voice seems to be coming from several of the trees themselves at the same time.
“Many of my brethren are gathered in a ritual of cleansing and rebirth, mourning a great loss of trees. We sensed a great disturbance in the forest. as if millions of trees cried out in terror and were suddenly silenced. I fear something terrible has happened. To the east, two day’s travel, areas of the forest are still screaming. Much more is now still silent. We sent Awuhua to discern the problem but he has not returned and we fear he has been felled. Return to Chief Akalosi and have his shaman consult the ancestors on what should be done.”
Content Not Found: Adsila_ consults with _Content Not Found: Hualali, and is given several images in a vision, but not enough to fully go on.

On returning to Huyana, they pass a Herd of Beloa’a, (like emu or moa) stampeding. Knowing they need the legs to give to Mo’o, Ma’akani throws a throwing axe at one. Unable to resist such plentiful targets for his chaotic spells, Content Not Found: Mika wrecks havoc in the herd and takes down several. Khal’Dahk makes his disdain for the unnecessary slaughter well known, and the two melali seem to agree.

Return to the Village:
Akalosi, Popo, Pili’o, and Sula’i gather with you.
Akalosi:The words of the Druids are indeed disturbing. Sula’i our shaman will consult with the spirits to see what must be done.”
(Consults with Spirits):
Sula’i: “The spirits are most disturbed to our east. It seems a large space of land has had much of the life wiped from it. The ancestors speak of offlanders and use the word Kha’Hatan, which I find hard to even pronounce. A powerful force gathers there and I fear our few warriors together with you would not be enough to stop it. We would like to know more, but I do not wish to send you to your deaths. I am giving you my most powerful artifacts, the death rattle and ancestral mask of Atunmeha. I am scared to trust a female with such a thing, especially a little girl like Adsila, but only a shaman may use the rattle and there is no other way. By entering a shamanic trance and using the rattle, your spirit will leave your body and enter an elemental world. There you can move into the camp without being seen. The rest of you may look through the mask to see through her eyes and hear what she hears. You must not stay too long and it will strain you, especially a weak female. Once you have seen all of Kha’Hatan, return with what you know.” 

On the way, finding Dead Tua in trap, and consulting with the spirits of the felled trees, Content Not Found: Adsila gains knowledge of something connected with the idea of eight legs. The traps are inspected and the remains put to rest by a traditional bonfire.

Ahead in the jungle you see smoke rising through the canopy of trees.
The trees for several acres have been cleared and the land is obviously being settled. Several wooden cottages are surrounded by a crude wooden palisade. A sign in both Elothonikha and two dialects of Melali reads “Kha’Hatan: Keep Out” As if to emphasize the sign, several skulls of Melali, Alathans, and a Remnant are staked alongside those of a few large predators. Outside the palisade, small fences, probably for animals are seen with a few hutches. In one, a herd of humu root around in the muddy sod. You also just now notice a watchtower in the corner of the palisade wall. If you come any closer out of the jungle, the chances of being seen are high. 
Her body leaving her spirit, Adsila, explores the camp. The group believes it to be an illegal hunters camp and notices a [[:octopus crest]] in the largest building. Several Remnant and many Alathans are in the settlement, and Khal’Dahk recognizes a couple from the airship.

Leaving the site, the group encounters and captures Content Not Found: Doron_ and brings the news back to Huyana then Content Not Found: Uncheuay_ in Samara. The greatchief is bothered by the news, as well as Content Not Found: Mika remembering a possible connection to Zoarch groups using a similar symbol in stories. He will convene his shamans and chieftans to decide on what course to take, while directing the group to find Tyr, Ombra, and Volis.


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