Tag: Air


  • Ma'akani

    Lithe, athletic, and tough with the typical shock of grassy Melali hair completely unkept, Ma'akani is the paragon of a Melali warrior. Toughened by years in the wilds and with nothing superfluous to impede his motion, he wears only a grass skirt and a …

  • Danake

    Corporal Danake is the commanding officer of the [[:airship]] HMS Excelsior. excellent record, fastidious, runs extremely tight ship, severe with any deviations from orders or laxity in crew, perfectionist

  • Kharun

    second in command of HMS Excelsior, oftens acts as mouthpiece for Corporal Danake due to friendlier personality, sometimes being the dampener for Corp. Danake's severity, occasionally takes "spirit of the law" over the letter of law, especially when not …