Tag: Huyana


  • Into The Jungle

    [[:Uncheuay]] "Welcome. I hope your souls can breathe deeply here in Samara. You are welcome as guests of our people here and I hope the ancients will bless you as you journey. Where you find the Manianii, you shall be kept in peace if you tell them you …

  • Huyana

    A small Maniani village, only 3 longhouses and a few outbuildings surround a large open walled pavilion. The pavilion seems to be the center of community life here with many gathered in various tasks. [[:Akalosi]] is the chief, glad to have his son [[: …

  • Pilio

    Pilio is the son of chief [[:Akalosi]]. He has just returned from viewing the Alathan and Remnant lands and is happy to be home in his village of [[Huyana]].