Tag: imperial


  • Khal'Dahk

    Fashionable Khahl'Dahk is an agent of the Empire and determined to make it look as good as possible. He is wholeheartedly committed to the Empire and willing to do whatever it takes for its cause. But he certainly takes his time choosing how best to …

  • Danake

    Corporal Danake is the commanding officer of the [[:airship]] HMS Excelsior. excellent record, fastidious, runs extremely tight ship, severe with any deviations from orders or laxity in crew, perfectionist

  • Kharun

    second in command of HMS Excelsior, oftens acts as mouthpiece for Corporal Danake due to friendlier personality, sometimes being the dampener for Corp. Danake's severity, occasionally takes "spirit of the law" over the letter of law, especially when not …

  • Jakabosa

    No single Alathan commands more respect in the mention of a name than Her Majesty, the Empress Jakabosa. Taking control of the throne following the assassination of her mother, she swiftly cemented her role as one worthy of the throne of Narathet by her …