Relationships, politics, and the court of public opinion are frequently a more treacherous battlefield than any combat arena. Agents know that almost all battles are preventable and almost all preventable battles can be instigated. Ultimately it all comes down to perception and desire. In the field of intelligence and information, actual data is never as relevant as hopes, beliefs, and perceptions, and no one can so subtly work these in their favor as Agents. Often it is only a matter of turning on their charm to manipulate others into getting what they want.
Through a combination of inborn confidence, careful study of social psychology, and a supernatural gift of grace, Agents collect relationships like currency and can weasel their way into any heart or organization. They can direct their considerable talents elsewhere too, from wordplay to sleight-of-hand to surveillance. But when it comes to direct conflict, Agents are often employed as a knife in the dark, using underhanded tactics and shady dealings take any advantage they can. With an eye for intentions and weak spots, Agents can strike easily at body, mind, or spirit and get out untouched. If all goes well, no one will even know they were involved.

Agent Feats

You turn on the charm, oozing it in social encounters. Bonus to Charisma, Bargain, Intimidate, Con, Persuasion. Condition.

Social Grace
You tap into your years navigating intricate issues and fickle systems, giving insight in just what to do. Bonus to bureaucracy, politics, and society rolls. Condition.

Deft Fingers
Your subtle manipulation doesn’t just apply to people. Bonus to legerdemain, picking locks/pockets, disarming traps, etc. Condition.

Your mastery of tangled truths and wordplay is easily tuned to similar complexities. Bonus to forge, codes, decypher, riddles, other languages. Condition.

You know there are truths in every lie and how easily daggers are concealed, so you pay very close attention. Bonus on saving rolls vs surprise, ambush & illusions. Condition.

Escape Artist
You know just how to make a perfect exit. Bonus to saving rolls, acrobatics, climbing, swimming, jumping. Condition.

Your job hinges on tailing and not being followed. Bonus to Search and Sneak. Condition.

Who could resist someone so likeable? Opponents take a penalty to all non-attacking contested rolls against you. Passive

Cloak & Dagger
Your fighting style is more misdirection and trickery than anything. Bonus to agility defense and movement. Stance.

You know your target’s weakest defense, an important oath, or something very dear to them. Requires a brief observation.

Dirty Fighting
Honorable fighting makes many a martyr and ugly face. You attack with a bonus to damage, while your target takes penalty to Agility defense.
Local knowledge
Even if you haven’t been here before, you know a guy. You gain local information or an improvised tie/contact.

Why limit yourself to being two-faced when there are so many? Disguise, with a bonus to infiltrate and hide in crowds. Extended condition.

You’ve dabbled in most skills at some point. Gain a bonus to an untrained skill or gain an extra sphere.

Lucky Charmer
Disarm a hostile or neutral NPC by making them friendlier, letting you pass. Roll vs Clarity.

Cutting Insight
Your mind, sharper than a blade, reveals truths, fears, and weaknesses that undo your target. Roll Perception vs Resolve defense for damage.

Rapier Wit
Your instant retorts and clever twisting of information leave your opponents addled and disoriented. Perception vs Brilliance defense for damage.


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