With most items listed, a cheap shoddily-made version may be found. Price is ~85% of original and stats are 80% of original. A finely crafted version may be found with 125% of original price and 110% of original stats. An exquisite version of some items may be found at 160% of original price and 125% of original stats.


Slashing and Piercing weapons

  • Average Dagger – (Str or Dex)+1D, 20-25j
    o Dagger
  • Average Short Sword – (DEX or STR)+1D+2, 25-40j
    o Short Sword
    Rapier Dex+1D+1, gain+1 Agility defense
  • Average Sword – (DEX or STR)+2D, 30-50j
    o Falcata
  • Average Heavy Sword – 30-50j
    o Falchion (DEX or STR)+2D+1 1 or 2H
    Heavy Scimitar (DEX or STR)+2D+1 1 or 2H
  • Average Axe – 25-50j
    o Hatchet (DEX or STR)+1D+1 Thrown
    Yuwa (DEX or STR)+2D+2 2H
    Tomahawk (DEX or STR)+2D+2 1D+2 Thrown
    Throwing Axe (DEX or STR)+1D+2 Thrown
    Warpick DEX+2D+1 2H


  • Average Polearm, 40-65j
    o Spear (DEX or STR)+2D+2 1 or 2H, Thrown
    Javelin (DEX or STR)+2D+1 Thrown
    Fauchard (Sickle-topped polearm) (DEX or STR)+2D+2 2H
    Glaive (Sword-topped polearm) (DEX or STR)+2D+2 2H
    Voulge (Axe-topped polearm) (DEX or STR)+2D+2 2H
    Egyptian Fan Pole Axe DEX +2D+1 1 or 2H
    Pike DEX +2D+2 2H
    Trident DEX +2D+2 1 or 2H
    Military Fork DEX +2D+2 1 or 2H
    Scythe (DEX or STR)+2D 2H

Clubs and Maces

  • Average Club or Mace – 25-65j
    o Sap STR+2 Does damage vs Mind
    Club STR+1D+1
    Great Club STR+2D+2 2H Gain-1 Agility defense
    Mace STR+2D
    War Hammer STR+2D
    War Maul STR+3D 2H Gain-2 Agility defense


  • Average Staff – 10-50j
    o Plain Quarterstaff STR+1D 2H Gain+1 Agility defense
    Decorated Staff STR+1D 2H Gain+1 Agility defense

Whips, & Tangling Weapons

  • Average Tangling Weapon Price – , 12-40j
    o Whip The amount by which the wielder’s hit roll exceeds the target’s defense roll, or the difficulty, is added to the damage of the weapon.
    o Bola STR Thrown If the hit roll exceeds the difficulty by 10 or more, the weapon has entangled the target enough to impede normal actions. Until the targetis untangled, they suffer a -1D to all Body actions and may not move more than one square.
    o Flail STR +1D+2 If the successful hit is twice target’s defense or difficulty, then the flail has entangled the target’s weapon. Opposed STR rolls may be made, and the winner has disarmed the other. Mounted characters get to add their movement to their Strength roll when determining disarmed.
    o Chain Weapon STR +1D 1 or 2H If successful hit is twice the target’s defense or difficulty, then the chain has entangled the enemy in the location of the wielder’s choice. The wielder may then attempt to pull a person off balance with a Strength roll against the target’s Dexterity roll.

Net (8’ x8’), 15j

Ranged Weapons

  • Short Bow BD=1D+2, 25j
  • Long Bow BD=2D, req 2D str, 30J
  • Recurve Bow BD=2D+2, 40J
  • Khirka BD=2D+2, 50J
  • Blowgun 1D, 20j
  • Sling 1D+2, 12j
  • Throwing weapon
  • average throwing knife= (Str or Dex)+1D, 20-25j
  • average javelin=(DEX or STR)+2D+1, 40-50j
  • average throwing axe=(DEX or STR)+1D+2, 25-40j


  • Untipped – the shaft is sharpened and no tip is added, 10j for 50, +0
  • Tipped – the standard arrowhead or dart tip, 18j for 50, +2
  • Jagged or Broadhead – tip designed to inflict greater damage, 24j for 50, +1D
  • Forked – tip designed to pierce in multiple areas shallowly, 24j for 50, +2
  • Whistling – tip designed to make noise when fired, 30j for 50, +1
  • Piercing – tip designed to penetrate deeply, 48j for 50, +1d and armor/3 if materials > armor
  • Blunt – tip designed for damage without piercing, 36j for 50, +2, 5/6% stun if head shot, 1/3% bone break
  • Wrapped tip – tip wrapped in rag, dipped in oil, poisons, etc, 24j for 50, +2, if fire +2D dam 1D/2 turns

Tip materials

  • Wood -6j cost, +1 dam
  • Bone/Shell +2 cost, +2 dam
  • Stone +2 dam
  • Copper +6j cost, +2 dam
  • Tin +7j cost, +2 dam
  • Bronze +8j cost, +2 dam
  • Glass+12j cost,+1d+1 if shatters, otherwise+2 , 2/3% shatter if hit on leather or softer, 5/6% on other
  • Gem +48j cost, +1D

Shaft Materials

  • Wood
  • Copper +1 dam, +6j cost
  • Tin +1 dam, +8j cost
  • Bronze +2 dam, +10j cost
  • Glass dam=+1d-1 if shatters (see above), otherwise +2 dam, +24j cost

Clothing & Armor


• Boiled Leather/Bone/Shell/Stone/Plating: Armor+1, 10-40j
• Solid Metal: Armor+2, 30-60j

• Thick Leather/ Bone/Shell/Stone: Armor+1, 60-120j
• Metal: Armor+2, Speed-1, 85-150j

• Thick leather: Armor+1, 40-60j
• Bone/Shell/Stone: Armor+2, 35-80j
• Metal helmet: Armor+3, Perception-1 (except Intimidate/Charisma/Con/Persuasion), 80-300j

Torso Armor:
• Heavy/Boiled Leather: Armor+1, 40-120j
• Ringmail: Armor+2, Sneak-1, Dex-1, Cheap Repair, 80-150j
• Segmented/Scale: Armor+3, Dex-1, 140-280j
• Solid Cuirass/Breastplate: Armor+4, Dex-2, 130-350j

Scabard/Sheath 12j
Quiver 12j


Small 28j Agility+2
Medium 46j Agility+1d+1
Large 86j Agility+2D
Tower 108j Agility+2D+1


Afganic Pants (very baggy) 10-45j
Breeches (baggy) 8-45j
Fitted Pants (tailored) 12-60j
Leggings 10-48j
Tunic 12-60j
Toga 16-60j
Robe 18-80j
Cloak 12-68j
Stola (Greek Style Dress) 12-60j
Shawl 4-18j
Chiton (sleeveless long tunic) 8-48j
Cape 10-52j
Sash 6-24j
Vest 8-48j
Skirt/Kilt 8-60j
Loincloth 4-18j
Sandals 4-68j
Slippers 6-58j
Simple Boots 6-68j
Elaborate Boots 16-78j
Belt 2-48j
Wrappings 1-24j
Simple Gloves 4-28j
Elaborate Gloves 12-60j
Closures, Brooches, Buttons, etc 1-28j
Jewelry item dependant


Standard Sizes

eefluf – 1/2 luf, aka tiny

luf – grapefruit sized capacity, aka small

3 luf – 3 grapefruit or one loaf of bread, considered standard bag size

lufda – 3 loaves of bread/9 grapefruit/1 watermelon, aka large

kushi – 60 grapefruit/20 loaves of bread/~9 watermelons, aka extra large

Small Carrying Pouch (grapefruit sized) 2j
Medium Carrying Pouch (bread loaf sized) 4j
Large Carrying Pouch (watermelon sized) 12j
Extra Large Carrying Pouch (deer Sized) 32j
Small Beltpack 2j
Medium Beltpack 4j
Small Basket 4j
Medium Basket 6j
Large Basket 10j
Small Clay Jar 2j
Medium Clay Jar 4j
Large Clay Jar 12j
Extra Large Clay Jar 36j
Small Sack 2j
Medium Sack 4j
Large Sack 12j
Extra Large Sack 32j
Wineskin/waterskin 4j
Canteen 4j
Flask 4j
Tiny Vial (holds 10 drops) 2j
Small Vial or Bottle (holds 50 drops) 4j
Medium Vial or Bottle (holds 150 drops) 12j
Large Vial or Bottle (holds 300 drops) 16j
Small Urn 2j
Medium Urn 4j
Large Urn 12j
Extra Large Urn 36j
Small Laranthan Urn 8j
Medium Laranthan Urn 12j
Large Laranthan Urn 18j
Extra Large Laranthan Urn 48j
Medium Bucket 2j
Large Bucket 6j
Large Barrel 8j
Extra Large Barrel 16j
Large Vat 8j
Extra Large Vat 14j
Medium Jug 4j
Large Jug 8j

Food & Accessories


Cauldron 8j
Cooking Pot or Pan 6j
Cup 2j
Bowl 2j
Stone Goblet 10j
Glass Goblet 14j
Clay Tankard 6j
Drinking Horn 10j
Set of Silverware 12j


Biscuits 2j/dozen
Hardtack 1j/16
2 Bread Loaves 1j
3 Flatbread loaves 1j
Dried Meat 2-4j
Dried Fish 2-3j
Cheese 1j/luf
Nuts 2j/luf
Lard 1j/luf
Flour, Sugar, Yeast 1j/luf
Vegetable 1j/6-8
Eggs 1j/3
Butter 1j/ eefluf
Honey 4j/eefluf
Bia Oil 16j/ medium bottle (150 drops), includes bottle
Spices 1-36j/ eefluf
Bia Paste 2j/eefluf
Pastry 1j
Grain (in medium sack) 2-8j, includes sack


Single/ Bottle

Grog 1j/4-10j
Ale 2j/6-12j
Wine 3j/8-60j
Hard Liquor 2j/12-30j
Juice 1j/ 4j
Water free/2j

see Drinks

Alchemy Reagents

Enough for 10 uses from the following

Bag of Cave Dust 3j
Vial of Pure Ash 2j
Flask of Pegi Blood 3j
Sack of Rust 1J
Smokespore Pods 5j
Water Lily Fronds 3j
Bottle of Moonfly Juice 5j
Handfull of Dayblossom Petals 2j

Single use items

Jar of Moonflies 16j
Vial of Leftover Laranthan Ink 12j
Distilled Moonfly Queen Juice 20j
Mindroot 22j
Ralitanya Egg Yolk 22j
Coalflower Seeds 24j
Gem Filings 24j
Vile of Pure Dew 18j
Temple Incense Smoke 24j

Generic Goods

Raw Materials

Basic Oil 1j to fill a medium flask or bottle


Torch 1j
Lantern 3j
Candle 1j
Oil Lamp 3j
Lamp Oil 1j to fill a medium flask or bottle
Ink Quill 1j
Paint 2j to fill a large bucket
Paint Brushes 2j
Mortar and Pestle 4-6j
Hourglass 8j
Sundial 6j
Flint 2j
Tinderbox 12j
Rope ~1j/2 feet
Twine ~1j/4 feet
Small Lens (1") 16j
Large Lens (6") 28j
Parchment (1 sheaf) 1j
Pipe 12j
Tobacco 2-6j/ small pouch
Small Hammer, Awl, Chisel, etc. 8j
Hacksaw 10j
Lumber Saw 14j
Axe 16j
Hatchet 14j
Sledge Hammer 14j
Pick Axe 16j
Nails, pegs, etc. 1j/luf
Snips 4j
Rags 1j/luf bundle
Needle 1j/6
Thread 1j/spool
Loom 62j
Pillow 6j
Blanket 6j
Scale 24j
Mirror (1′×1′) 18j
Soap 2j/bar
Wax (small bag) 3j
Fishing Spear 24j
Fishing Net 15j
Shovel 14j
Whetstone 2j
Pan Pipes 8j
Flute 12j
Whistle 4j
Saddle 48-72j
Bridle and reins 36-64j
Leash 8j
Muzzle 6j
Cage 8-18j
Small Lamdril Cart 200-400j
Chariot – 350-800j


Pegi -5 jofya
Lamdril -800 jofya
Lay’irdee -400 jofya
Drihki -24 jofya
Piki Dome (roughly 60 pikiya) -24 jofya
Ralitan -4000 jofya
Doka -60 jofya


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