The homonculus, or homonculi in plural, is a small (~3’-4’) and mischevious creature made of living amalgam of plant and animal. They were originally created by the Zoarch Prauson just prior to his involvement with Lord Eenkho to serve as spies and assistants. The first homonculus was Saertranus, who was created with powerful abilities and intlligence. Since the defeat of Saertranus, Eenkho, and Prauson, the remaining homonculi have continued to replicate.

Current homonculi show little intelligence, but possess an unyielding determination that allows them to solve most problems by sheer trial and error. They are a quite sadistic and savage race, delighting in violence, cruelty, explosions,and other’s pain. As such they are usually unwelcome in most towns or “civilized” areas and are seen as mischevious pests at best or evil sociopaths at worst. Because other homonculi are often the only ones who will tolerate a homonculus, they often group together into wandering bands. Such groups are extremely dangerous and often attack anything they see for the sake of their own enjoyment of the act. They favor super sharp war razors made of scrap metal for weapons, and are often seen around scrap yards and dump sites.

Homonculi are extremely greedy and nothing is outside the limits of their behavior. In a fight, they will fight dirtily, but may also stop fighting to go grab something shiny a few feet away or hit another homonculus on the head just for the fun of it. A very few homonculi become witches and able to cast spells, create strange brews, and ferment the noxious magics which create more homonculi.

Homonculi do not breed or give birth, but are actually created via alchemical means. A noxious brew smelling of stale urine and rotting fruit is mixed by homonculi witches with mandrake root and blood, then allowed to ferment. A fully formed homonculus develops from the coagulation and putrification.

There are three main “strains” or sub-races of homonculi, easily identified by coloration. (They are thought to be developed from variations “recipes” for the brew and are not actually separate species. Multiple variations and combinations may occur, but not often.) Homonculi often form groups with only those who look alike, at times even refusing to believe different looking homonculi are indeed homonculi. Due to their relative isolation from each other, the three groups have developed increasing variations.

The three groups are:

  • Cutters: The most common variation, cutters are a tawny yellow-green.
  • Burners: Burners tend to range from a ruddy brown to brick red. They seem to be more self-destructive than other homonculi and see lighting something on fire as the best thing that may happen in almost any situation.
  • Orphans: Tending to be slightly more intelligent than other homonculi as well as the most xenophobic, they see other races, including Cutters and Burners, as below them. They are paler in color, ranging from a creamy off-white to a light grey. They are the least common. A group of them has been warped by The Fade, and are called Redcaps.


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