Masters of deception, negation, and shutdowns, no one can control a crowd or battlefield like an illusionist. The Academy of Illusions in Ir Alatha considers its practitioners the very pinnacle of magical sophistication, and smaller satellite academies have sprung up throughout the Alathan Archipelago . Bending the magical energies of time, light, fire, air, space to conjure any effects their minds can conceive, many also study the workings of the mortal mind. Such pursuits often allow illusionists to get what they desire from others without the others even notice. This has earned many reputations as tricksters, con artists, or at the very least, untrustworthy. To an illusionist, such black-and-white morality ignores the immensely wide spectrum of colors, options, and complexity.
Indeed it seems nearly no sense or faculty is out of reach for an illusionist’s spells. With the ability to confuse and manipulate perception, prey on will, and dominate the mind, illusionists favor subtlety and total disorientation that make actual damage entirely irrelevant. But when it comes to it, they can assault the mind directly or simply convince the body of hallucinatory injuries. When you can re-make the world in whatever image you desire, who’s really to decide what is real or not?
Illusionist Feats

You create a simple illusory effect targeting a single sense of a single character. Roll vs Clarity unless another defense makes more sense.

Delusions of Grandeur
That staggering display of force was only in their dreams. Use your standard action for this turn to force target to re-roll one time.

You create a sound or light effect at a range, drawing attention to that location. Roll vs Clarity.

You create a complex illusory effect, visible to everyone around and capable of affecting multiple senses. Roll vs Clarity unless another defense makes more sense.

Split Personality
You create an illusion of yourself adjacent to you, leaving others bewildered as to which of you is real. Others must roll a 4, 5, or 6 to “choose” correctly before they are able to target you. Condition.

Terrifying Hallucination
You create an illusion of your target’s greatest fear, sending them running away in terror. Roll vs Resolve. Short condition.

You assail the target’s perception and clear thinking, disorienting mental function. Roll vs Clarity.

Illusion of Time
You distort your target’s perception of time, immobilizing them and briefly preventing actions. Roll vs Clarity. Short condition

You warp the light, disappearing for 1 turn. Anyone attempting to see you must takes a -1D penalty to Search.

Illusory Visage
You disguise or camouflage yourself or another to appear and feeling as nearly anything. Condition. Roll vs Search.

Phantom Pain
You cause your target to believe they have taken significant bodily damage. Ignores armor.

Deceptive Veil
You create a wall that appears to be physical or energy, rerouting enemies and hiding allies. Roll vs Clarity. Condition

Flustering Glamour
You create a rapid cloud of flashes and sound, impairing your target’s actions. Roll vs Resolve. Condition

Vision of Betrayal
You cause your target to attack an ally within range with a basic attack. Roll vs Resolve.

Whispered fears and images sap your target’s will to continue. Roll vs Resolve. Condition.

Mind Games
You toy with sense perceptions, confusing and disorienting your foe. Roll vs Clarity. Condition.


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