Key Terms

The terminology used here exists in countless games, roleplaying, video, or otherwise, and enough weird words and names have been brought into the mix for Alatha so far, so there is no need to re-invent the wheel on this one. (Dang that was a long sentence.) For those of you unfamiliar with terms, the following should help explain some of the jargon.

Spell and Feat Terms

AOE – stands for Area of Effect. A spell which targets an area rather than an individual, those in the target area have their dodge reduced by half since the entire space will be covered by the effect. An aoe takes up nine spaces with the center space as the target.

Centered/Adjacent AOE – An aoe centered on the caster, rather than a selected target.

Condition – something that has an effect on a target, usually lasts 1D+2 rounds

Short Condition – a condition lasting 1D/2 rounds

Extended Condition – a condition lasting until something specific is done to end it

Aura – a combination aoe / buff or debuff. An aura is centered on a character and affects all in its area. An aura may be passive

Passive – a buff of sorts that constantly affects a character once it is learned

Stance – the manner in which a melee character stands gives some benefits but also sometimes a weakness. A character may only be in one stance at a time, but that stance stays in effect until a character chooses to not be in that stance or switches to another. Ceasing to be in a stance is a free action.

Consult – A skill that allows the user to interact with or gather information about the world around them, such as researching in a library, reading the woods, seeing through nearby fire, or gaining a brief vision from an Aygeema

Key Terms

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