Martial Artist

Martial Artist
Martial Artists see the universe as giving them a single tool that can never be taken from them: their body. The students at the Academy of Martial Arts push their bodies as far as they can go, in order to realize their potential. Those seeking training will not find it an easy road, every comfort and convenience will be stripped from them as the body is brought in tune with the spirit and mind. These must all be focused on the same objectives, and the paths to such unity are frequently discussed. By the time students complete basic levels, they radiate a unified focus that allows them to strike using hands or feet with the power of a full sized battle club. In varying their forms to fit the situation, using the energy of their opponents against them, and rapid movement, Martial Artists combine assault and defense into a devastating flurry.
The current style of martial arts most prominent in Alatha today follows the teachings of the revered Master Khi, whose grandfather, also named Khi, codified the core forms and stances. In incorporating stances used in other parts of the world and aligning the spiritual attunement of the movements with Channeling and casting techniques, increasingly higher energy can be generated with even higher economy of movement. This heightened potency allows Martial Artists to step confidently into the direst of straits, knowing their discipline will protect mind, body, and spirit more than the thickest armors and that a few well-placed strikes can build into a blow capable of toppling the most monstrous of opponents.
Martial Artist Feats

Fist Of Rock
Your hands become as hard and heavy as stone, making unarmed attacks as strong as most weapons. Bonus to Unarmed damage. Condition.

Disciplined Spirit
Your training allows you to resist what would break the spirit of most mortals. Bonus to Spirit defenses. Passive.

Your assaults circumvent your target’s expectations. Bonus to Unarmed hit rate. Stance.

Iron Will
Your momentary resolve will not be shaken. Bonus to Resolve defense. Condition.

Ready Serpent Form
You stay light on your feet, using assaults to gain advantages. Bonus to Agility defense and Reversal. Stance.

Braced Fortress Form
You tighten up to minimize injuries. Bonus to Body vs damage. Stance. You cannot attack in this stance.

Brazen Skin Form
Your moves align with currents of elemental earth to endure assaults. Bonus to Endurance defense. Stance.

Watchful Eye Form
You anticipate assaults with focused awareness. Bonus to Agility defense and Perception. Condition.

Mind Over Matter
Your focus allows you to keep your mind even in chaotic circumstances. Reduce MIND strain penalty of 1D by 1. Condition.

On a successful Agility defense, you immediately make your own assault. This uses your standard action for this round.

Flying Leap
You leap a great distance, bypassing obstacles and assaulting your target.

Take Down
Your attack leaves your target flat on the ground.

Honed Incarnate Stance
Your mastery of body gives you an edge in most bouts. Bonus to Grappling. Stance.

Fluid Movement
You assault with multiple attacks at startling speed. Extra attacks ignore the M.A.P. if this is your only action this turn.

Escalating Blows
Every hit is merely towards the end. Take a +1 for each hit that does no damage to a target. You may add these to your damage roll on that same target in any combination this encounter.

Martial Artist

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