Alatha is in many ways a primitive world, but it is dedicated to the arts, creativity, and craftsmanship. The peoples work with any material they can find to produce the finest buildings, art, gear or anything else they have in mind to create. They make use of two realms in the process of their construction, corporeal and non-corporeal. Most objects are simply physically crafted, that is, made from found materials. Those objects with extreme significance may be bonded with the elemental dimensions of Alatha. These objects are said to be imbued or to possess an imbuance.

Weapons and Armor are assumed to be made of something at a hardness level of 0, which is to say, they are assumed to be made of something on the hardness level of stone, shell, bone, or a tin or copper ore. Getting an object made from stronger materials, such as iron or bronze, will increase its stats (armor or damage) by the modifier below. Likewise, making it from something softer (such as wood) would decrease its stats.

Corporeal materials-(in order of durability) (rated vs stone)

Linen -1D

Wool -1D

Soft Leather or Padded Armor -2

Hardened Leather -1

Wood -1

Bone -0

Stone +0

Shell +0

Copper +0

Tin +0

Iron +1

Bronze +2

Glass +1D, shatter if 1-4 on d6

Gem +2D

Larantha +10D

Corporeal modifications-(lose imbuance if failing a 4d roll for crafting)

Strengthened shaft +1 to damage, 25% weapon price

Perfect balance +1 to hit, 50% weapon price

Weighted -1 to hit, +1 to damage, 10% weapon price

Honed blade +1 to damage, 15% weapon price


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