Morphomancers channel the spatial powers of the tripicate aygeemya, Nekhsus, Apekhs, and Vertekhs, collectively known as Nexapever. These three, representing the three dimensions, are never fully separate in the mortal realm, and their presence creates the very fabric of physical reality. The ability to manipulate this fabric can be extremely powerful and disorienting to mortals, and for this reason, the Eye of Nexapever was one of those closed for much of Alathan history. The Remnant tradition of Morphomancy in eleven forms has greatly expanded (as befits their powers) since the opening of the Eye of Space in Vekhtoris.
Modern Morphomancers retain most of the traditional forms common to other channelers, but have added many spells which draw on the utility and reality warping powers of dimensional influence. Their ability to rapidly compress and expand space gives them both powerful blasts and unparalleled movement and area control. Through folding or linking together two points on a given plane, the ancient power of teleportation used to create portals has become commonplace. Indeed, through portals, teleportation, and rotation of the gravitational axis, almost no location is out of their reach. Moreover, any foes in their way are rearranged, bound in place, or thrown backwards as the space around them is bent to the Morphomancer’s will.
Morphomancer Feats

You conjure a small orb of pure spatial energy.

You hurl an orb of elemental space at your target. Roll vs Agility.

You compress space into extreme density, creating a high-gravity vortex which holds your target. Short Condition.

Coordinate Swap
You rearrange an area of the battlefield, place all those inside the area in any square of your choosing. AOE.

You expel a powerful pulse, slamming the area around yourself with compressed space. Roll vs Agility/2. Adjacent AOE.

You lessen the effect of a nearby spatial energies.

Imbue Space
You wrap an object in spatial energies, inflicting additional damage with it. The effect diminishes slightly when out of your contact. Condition.

You surround yourself with warped space, disrupting the trajectories of incoming assaults. Condition.

You stretch and shape the spatial dimensions of a particular object.

You create an area with wildly distorted space that accelerates, decelerates, bends, and loops objects that enter. Condition.

Axis Shift
You briefly shift the spatial planes by up to 90 degrees, allowing you to run on walls, etc.

You bend space around you and step into what seems a greater distance. Focus for x turns, then move the amount of spaces that you could run in x turns.

Spatial Map
You perceive your planar location and sense the shape of objects around you as though through sonar.

You open an entrance at your location then move to a second location and create a teleporting link between the two. Condition.

Kinetic Displacement
By shifting the space around them, you pull or shove your target up to six spaces laterally or two spaces vertically.


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