Throughout the world of Alatha, few disciplines remain as shrouded in stigma and fear as that of Necromancy. While the control of the dead and painful magics need not correlate with malign intentions, their reputation for morbidity is deserved. Those trained at the Academy of Necromancy will use this to their advantage. Knowing full well that possessing soul orbs, death is not the end for them, they embrace pain and suffering and do not look upon wounds or death with any trepidation. Instead they use their power to project that suffering or fear onto others, often nearly completely debilitating them. The release of souls from bodies unleashes its own energies, empowering Necromaner’s spells and leaving controllable corpses. Here Necromancers utilize their most eerie power, raising the bodies of the fallen and controlling them as undead puppets. While the corpses only stay raised for a short time, the Necromancer can strain his or her own self to maintain control.
Unlike the Shamans of Moa’loli who consult with the spirits of the already dead, necromancers are only concerned with the bodies and the dying process. The revered Arch-necromancer Khenekhs runs the oldest Academy of Necromancy, located in Ir Alatha. To gain entrance to teaching, aspirants endure torture and blood-letting, with only the few remaining admitted. Many students do not get any further than hearing about the initiation rites before they seek learning elsewhere.
Necomancer Feats

Dark Obsession
Your discipline draws its power from death. +1 to all rolls for each death in the vicinity, up to 2D. Condition

Magnify Pain
You increase the potential strain every injury takes on your target. Bonus to all damage target takes. Condition.

Rigor Mortis
You debilitate your target, painfully stiffening their movement to 1/4 rate. Roll vs Agility defense. Ignores Armor. Condition.

You assault your target with the full anguish of life’s pains and sorrows, breaking their Spirit. Roll vs Resolve defense.

You inflict your target with heavy futility, lowering all their defense rolls. Debuff.

Lingering Horror
You stir up the eerie energy remaining from all who have died on these grounds, reducing all Spirit rolls for those inside. AOE. Condition. Roll vs Resolve defense.

You fill your target with the terror of their own death, bringing hesitation to actions against you. Condition.

Pain is hardly a deterrent to you, so it takes much more to bring you down. +1 required to suffer from strain penalties. Passive.

Raise Dead
You raise a nearby corpse to do your bidding. Limit 3 raised at any one time. Condition.

You wrack a target with a brief burst of horrifying pain, inflicting temporary strain. Roll vs Resolve defense.

Gain a sense of what has died nearby or vaguely sense through one of your nearby Raised Corpses.

Graveyard Shift
You give up your own movement this turn to move your Raised Corpse further.

Unnerving Sacrifice
You take 1 strain to Spirit to heal a Raised Corpse and add an extra turn to its Raise Dead condition.

Visceral Sacrifice
You take 1 strain to Body to heal a Raised Corpse and add an extra turn to its Raise Dead condition.

Misery’s Company
Once per encounter, you cause your target to take strain in an attribute equal to your own in that same attribute.


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