Since both players and GMs participate in storytelling and world creation, there a few things to keep in mind to keep the game’s flavor distinctly Alathan.

The Big Three
1. Symbols Matter And They Are Everywhere
2. Secrets Matter And They Are Everywhere
3. Stories Matter And They Are Everywhere

Power, success, growth, goodness: Nothing comes without a cost

Alatha is in many ways not your typical fantasy or role-playing world, born of Tolkien and tempered by Dungeons & Dragons®. It has a deeply Mediterranean flavor, with settings more akin to ancient Greece, Rome, Egypt, North Africa, and the Middle East. It is ancient, not medieval, only just pushing out of the Bronze Age. Centurions, Greek sages and Spartans, Magi and Persian mystics, Pharaohs, and Babylonian heroes are closer to the image of the Alathan world than chivalrous knights in heavy armor. In addition, magic is somewhat different. All “magic” is both divine and elemental, communing, manipulating, or tapping into the mystical realms of one or more of the demi-god rulers of the elemental planes.

Unique Elements

  • There are no mammals except the Remnant
  • Round and organic designs are favored over hard corners
  • The Aygeemya move in mysterious and incomprehensible ways
  • The world is very very old


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