Pyromancers channel the raw form of the powers of the fire aygeemya Zihth to hamper or destroy those who stand against them. This results in some of the flashiest and most destructive spells known. Pyromancy students revel in this energy and the ability to incinerate the world around them. Though far from subtle, their spells offer some control and great utility, but always against the backdrop of high potential damage. With explosive direct and area damage already, the ability for subsequent hits to ignore armor becomes devastating. Their mastery of flame is also showcased with the ability to summon rampaging fire elementals, and see through and sculpt existing flames.
Indeed this variety so outshines the old Alathan Fire Elementalist tradition that the Elementalist school has simply begun using the Remnant Pyromancy discipline, but with some differences. Remnant tradition dictates apprenticeships with more experienced Pyromancers, but Alathans largely make use of Academies and groups of students. While Remnant theory holds to channeling and controlling the flow of energy through oneself, Alathan theory views the art as manipulation of the elementary fire within oneself to affect surrounding fire energy. Though the approaches vary, the popularity and power of Pyromancy as an Adventuring discipline has only continued to grow.
Pyromancer Feats

You conjure a small orb of pure elemental fire.

You hurl an orb of elemental fire at your target. Roll vs Agility.

You cause your target to burst into flames. Roll vs Endurance. Condition.

You cause a large area to burst into flame. AOE.

You exude gouts of flame, burning all nearby. Roll vs Agility/2. Adjacent AOE.

You lessen the effect of a nearby flame.

Imbue flame
You wreathe an object in elemental flame, inflicting additional fire damage to it. The fire diminishes slightly when out of your contact. Condition.

You surround yourself in a fiery orb, damaging all who dare come close. Condition.

You control the raw element within existing flames, shaping it to your whim.

You create wall of fire, block all but the toughest from passing. Roll vs Endurance. Condition.

Your hands or body becomes like a hot coal, burning all you touch. Roll vs Agility or Endurance. Condition.

Burning Eyes
You perceive nearby flame and sense through it.

Searing Blaze
Armor only momentarily stops your assault. It just takes a second to heat up. Your pyromancy damage spells ignore armor on the second hit and after. Passive.

Flickering Presence
You embody the unpredictable dance of fire, avoiding incoming damage. Stance.

Summon Elemental
You call forth a primal creature of raw elemental fire who lasts for this encounter or until vanquished. It must come from an area already engulfed in flame.


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