World Map and Geography

Note: Maps are below.

World Regions

Alathay Archipelago

  1. Mela
  2. Sadina
  3. Dameree
  4. Milotho
  5. Dalana & Raviso
  6. Astelan & The Trobian Archipelago
  7. Teres
  8. Ebioth

The Greatlands

  1. Solfatara
  2. Duskolis
  3. The Gelidon
  4. The Vounalae
  5. Ephsheray Wastes


  1. Northeastern
  2. Central
  3. Southeastern
  4. South Western

The Unsettled Lands

  1. Kinsthet Desert
  2. The Plaguelands
  3. The Fade
  4. The Mire

Alatha world map additions

Map of the world of Alatha with regions notated by race and major governments. Hopefully self-explanatory. Below is a detail image of the Alathan archipelago in detail. It is an older map, so it lacks some of the Northern Empire.

Alathamap website full

World Map and Geography

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