Zoarch Manifesto

Failure to act against oppression is participation in oppression. Those who make openness impossible only serve to make revolution inevitable.

We are those who would see the world returned to its rightful state of openness and not the current state of repression and oppression forced by the hand of illegitimate rulers and tyrannical governments who prevent access to the full powers of the mystical world and keep the people in mindless complacency unaware of their chances for ascension.

Illusion Of Control vs Openness to Progress
Order is a creation of the mind to deal with the ambiguity of reality. The reality we live in a an intersection of the realms of the gods, caught in a complex, even competing web of ever changing designs. In our pride and fear, we seek to limit the world to what we can control and manage. So we convince ourselves that we see patterns that are not there, then create systems modeled on these patterns and force our experiences into these systems. We see what we want to and what we expect to. Moreover, what we want has been brainwashed into us and what we expect has been already laid out by those in charge. We then only see what they want us to see and follow blindly along the path they have set forth and herd us down. You have heard it said that control prevents destruction. Control does indeed prevent destruction, but only the destruction of those with coercive power over you. If you open yourself to progress, you will see that those in positions of power over you begin to fear and will attempt to exert more control. Our leaders fear our true power, and must then ask you to submit to them, under the pretense of “survival” and “mutual good”.

Institutional Morality vs Freedom of Consciousness
Mutual good, however, is not actually attained in this system, but only fear or apathy, and the empowerment of a select few. True mutual good is gained through each person becoming the best they can possibly be and working towards new ever-expanding possibilities, not through submission, contentment in meager circumstances, and repression of self. No external mortal authority can tell you what would be best for you. You have the capability to know yourself better than any institution can know you, and your responsibility is to your own possibility. Otherwise you only offer a crippled and limited good to the world. You must cease to listen to and comply with those who would hold you back, and step into the freedom and hope that come from taking charge of your own life and actions. Those in power know and fear such freedom, labeling it dangerous, and create the concepts of “heresy” to persecute it. Such heresy is based on their own fears of your possibility and their lack of control, and artificially instituted as if the gods had handed it to them. The truth is that the gods speak to each of us and it is to that calling and potential and energy within ourselves that we are beholden.

Repression of People vs Availability of Resources
To maintain their own personal power at the expense of your own, those in the highest places of institutional government have kept you in blinders. It is true that our world is composed of energy, but such energy is given to us as a gift. You have been taught to fear this gift or restrained from using it to truly better your life or the life of this world. The status quo requires your own broken backs to be the foundations for the gilded thrones and palaces of the elite. If you stand fully upright, they will fall. So it is that the elite restrict your ability to ascend. They destroy your body as heretic, break up your gatherings as anarchist, break your spirit, arrest you, torture you, banish you, make you disappear, or simply ensure that you remain apathetic.
The so-called “god-king” who lays false claim to the rule of the Remnant people has attained a measure of power close to that of the archons/aygeemya and avatars. You have been led to believe that such power is only due to his position. But the truth is that his position is only due to his power and your refusal to ascend to such power yourselves. There are multitudes of resources for how to attain such powers and there are many who have already attained such levels, but your governments and leaders have restricted this knowledge and these resources. You have potential given by the gods. Take it up and join against the blade and boot kept over your throat by oppressive regimes.

Redress of Grievances
In lieu of all that has been taken and restricted by this world’s regimes, they are all guilty. The blood is already on their hands. We the people will remove the obstacles that are keeping us down by means that life always takes when cornered and repressed. Like a caged animal, we will bite the hand that feeds us in order to escape the cage. Like a forgotten shrub, our roots will crack the foundations of the houses that have kept us back. The swarms will surge through the brittle and hollow pillars of temples and barracks and courts, and bring the palaces down to the ground. Chaos is our tool to reflect the fallacy of order. To bear witness to the sham that is the current world order of false peace and blind subservience. When people realize how broken the system is, they will gladly welcome one which offers them the dignity of choosing their own future: a future where they are offered unlimited power and the ability to use the powers already found in the world to make the world a better place.

If you outlaw freedom and hope, the only hope for freedom is found in those who step outside the law.

For everyone who has been outcast and forced to leave city and family because they chose what was obviously best for themselves rather than submit to tyranny…

For those who were destroyed and labeled heretics by those seeking to protect their own power and bind the people into obedience to the powers of fear and control, such as artificial impositions of “orthodoxy”…

For everyone who has suffered in poverty, weakness, illness, and old age because those in power would not let them explore the full gifts of the gods towards possibility…

For everyone under the boot of oppression of the false Remnant “god-king”, the repressive expansionist fist of the Northern Empire, the wasting corruption of the Council of Dafsohmet, and the fearful superstition of closed Melali tribes…

For life in whatever form it may take…

To New life. New hope. New possibilities! A new order for the world!

Zoarch Manifesto

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