Two hundred years ago, the sea-going Alathans discovered they were not alone in their world. The mystical Remnant sent envoys to the major cities, establishing contact for the first time in millennia. Shortly thereafter, with the opening of the closed elemental portal Eyes, the forces of the Alathan islands were brought together against the rising powers gathered by Lord Eenkho. From those armies, a new empire was formed in the Northlands, and with expansion the discovery of the tribal plant-like Melali. Now, with newly found continents and questions of power relations, the various species and governments maintain an uneasy network alliances.

In the mean time, small groups of the Adventurer’s Guild maintain their own uneasy alliances in the rapidly opening world. There are questions of trust amongst themselves, concerns with survival in the wilderness, issues of global conspiracies, ancient evils, dangerous voyages, and what to do with the crazed cultists and savage predators who get in their way.

In a world of elemental magics, stone-age to early iron-age technology, vast seas, and creatures both familiar and unlike anything else in fantasy, there is still much to uncover. Indeed there is some chance you might even survive much of it.

World alatha map

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