Remnant Outcast Necromancer


Name: Artosis

Gender: Male

Schools: Necromancer

Alignment: Life Cycle

Age: 23

Height: 5’9"


Physical Description: Athletic but not built, dark features, black robe cape/shawl that swooshes around behind for dramatic effect
Color scheme:very drab, black with accents of grey
Black gloves and boots with spines
Grey beads around the neck
grey swirling face tattoo

Factions: Remnant Outcast

A great artist is one who is never truly satisfied.

Lightness is darkness and darkness is lightness, all is one.

Death is not final so pain is an illusion.

Traits: meticulous, witty, composed, determined, humorous, well-intentioned, brave to the point of over-confidence, kind but brutal and dangerous if crossed

Character Description:

Mind 3D+2

Mental: 4D

  • tactics
  • politics
  • streetwise

Perception: 3D+1

  • charisma

Body 2D

Strength: 1D

Dexterity: 2D+2

Spirit 3D+2

Will: 2D

Mysticism: 5D

  • magnify pain (tier 3)
  • curse of debilitation
  • plague (tier 2)
  • hex (tier 4)
  • hopelessness (tier 2)
  • suffering (tier 3)
  • raise dead (tier 2)
  • dark obsession
  • jinx

Bewaya: 13

Jofya: 350 (group)

Ankh +1 to spells hit rate
Zikh pipe +2 to suffering hit rate
Magnify pain +2 to hit rate
Raise dead +2 to hit rate
Cape of perception +1 to perception

Dayo Stones:

Other Posessions:
Zikh Pipe and smoking herbs
Flint lighter
Small chest
Anti-gravity staff
Cape of perception
Potion of knowledge +1
Lantern of allied light
Potion of lesser healing
Potion of +1D will
Potion of healing 1d +1
Piki Card


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