Average Homoculi


Name: Average Homonculi
Features: Sadistic, Mischievous, Curious, Small, Simple-minded, Smelly, Monkey-like Plant Gremlin
Disciplines: Scrapper
• Rusty tent peg, sharpened
• Crudely fashioned razor-sharp cleaver
• Bag of rocks
• Half-eaten bird leg
• Piece of flint
• Loincloth made from old boot

• Fights dirty
• Cowardly
• Thinks anyone getting hit with anything is the funniest ever
• Small scale: when fighting normal scale, gain+1D to physical defenses and -1D to Body
• Small nuisance: Homonculi have only one level of Strain

MIND: 1D+2
Dazed ☐

Knowledge: 1D
• Survival 2D
• Crafting 2d+2

Perception: 2D
• Hide/Sneak
• Con

BODY: 2D+2
Ailing ☐

Strength: 2D
• Jumping
• Grappling

Dexterity: 3D
• Defenses: 3D, 4D vs Normal Scale
• Ooohh! Perception 2 if explosion or damage done in area, minor action, buff
• Spastic +1D vs to hit, passive
• Wriggly +1D to dodge, condition
• Frantic Take 3 actions at only a -1D
2 penalty to each
• Punt Kick does 2D damage
• Gouge Poke target in eyes, target unable to see for 1D turns
• Burninate Light a fire
• Climb Climb up attacker, giving 2 to hit
• Throw Dirt Throw dirt in target’s face, perception -2D, -2d to hit, 1D/2
• Bonk Hit target in head, 4D
2 Damage vs Mind
• Hack (Tier 1) +2 to weapon damage
• Gulp Swallow object, absorb up to 4D damage
• Frenzy (Tier 2) Attack three times, -1D to hit, -1D damage
• Sharpen Sharpen a found object, adding +2 to damage done with it
• Cobble Use a found object to make something†
• Whammy Punch, kick, and headbutt!, does 3D damage

Traumatized ☐

Will: 1D
• Resist Poison 2D
• Conviction

Mysticism: 1D

Average Homoculi

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