Jabera Wee

Penitent former water assassin turned martial artist


Name: JaberaWee (previously Oberys)

Features: Alathan Male, Martial Arts Instructor and Sensei at the Zamay Berawee Dojo, Former Assassin, 30 years old, 5’11" and 175 lbs, Ritual tattoos, Hiding from old life, Unassuming, penitent, full of energy, polite, haunted, resolute


Disciplines: Martial Artist, Assassin
Element: Water
Spheres: Alathan Criminal, Alathan Commonfolk, Alathan Religious
• Kahra and SenSen are my top students
Tavi is a good friend and stays at my dojo
• I have aided Jerys in his crusade against the Zoarchs
• I rent my dojo from the landlord Lenith, a good man
• I keep myself hidden from the ties of my past life
1. I Will Serve death only to promote life
2. Always be prepared to escape and to fight
3. I will live a new life by the grace of Wee


Bewaya: 23
Dayo Stones:
Jofya: 7

• retractable arm blade, Dex+1D
• imbued metal arm braces, armor+1 , unarmed damage+2
• Throwing blades (8, Body+1D thrown, Dex+1D melee)
• Potion of armor skin, Body+2 vs damage, Condition
• Shadowed black assassin’s outfit
• Hardmead, strong honey liquor
• Ritual blue trappings of Wee
• Rented dojo/ring of room keys
• 2 empty canteens
• Papers from Tehren
Tehren’s Key
• Imbued Coinpurse & Chain (Streetwise+1D)
• Yitali, water sprite soul orb, large blue marble-sized, grasp to release
• Dried Sernbane leaves, toxic to Sern (dragonbulls), & used in poisons
• Handful of dried herbs
• Auto-tailoring imbued pants, Charisma+1 , Society+2
• Giant 15’ circular mirror that appears to be an incredibly powerful magical object. There are green inscriptions around the frame that appear to be written in Alathan, Remnant, and Malali scripts, along with some sort of additional hieroglyphs. (Currently unburied in dojo)

• Jev=Jerys, Jeff=Tavi, Matt=Lupa, Tina=Mambi

MIND: 2D+2
Dazed ☐ ☐

• Armor/Imbuance

Knowledge: 2D
Brilliance: 2D
• Streetwise 4D (3D+1D from coinpurse)

Perception: 3D+1
• Hide/Sneak 4D+2
• Persuasion 3D+2
• Intimidate 3D+2
• Charisma 3d+2 (with imbued pants)
• Society 4D (with imbued pants)

BODY: 4d+2, 5D with armor (bracers)
Ailing ☐ ☐ ☐ ☐

• Armor/Imbuance: Imbued Bracers +1 armor, +2 to unarmed damage vs Body

Strength: 4D
Endurance: 4D
• Grappling 4D+1

Dexterity: 5D
Agility: 5D
• Dagger/Knife 5D+1
• Unarmed 5D+1
• Throwing 5D+1
• Fist of Rock T4, does+2D+2 damage vs Body to unarmed attack, condition,
• Watchful Eye T1, add+2 to Agility defense and Perception. Condition
• Reversal, on a successful parried defense immediately use standard action to attack
• Sneak Attack T2, Do weapon damage+2 vs Perception to Body.
• Stealthy, add+2 to sneak/hide, passive
• Knockout Poison T1
• Throat Slit T1, requires blade, does 4D+1 damage to Body. Ignores Armor
• Leap of Faith, gives+3D to a single jump and/or landing, 1/conflict
• Study Weakness, spend 2 turns studying target, on third turn may attack w/+2D+2 damage
• Cornered Stance, grants+2 to Agility defense and+1 to hit. Stance. May not sneak/hide from this stance
• Fluid movement T2, Make 3 basic unarmed attacks this turn w/o M.A.P. if no other actions are taken.
• Seasoned killer, Assassins may do more than 2 stages of strain in damage. 12-16 damage=3 stages, 17-21=4 stages, 22+=5 stages

SPIRIT: 2D (3D vs Damage)
Traumatized ☐ ☐ ☐

• Armor/Imbuance
• Disciplined Transcendence: passive, gain +1D to Spirit vs Damage

Will: 3D
Resolve: 4D (with Transcendent Disciplined Transcendence)

Mysticism: 1D
Mediation: 1D

Jabera Wee

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