Remnant Agent LifeCycle


Name: (Supercalifragilisticexpiali)Jerys
Race: Remnant
Gender: Male
Age: 22
Height: 5’9"
Weight: 165 lbs.
Traits: Zealous, Singleminded, Judgmental, Legalistic.
School: Agent/Biomancer
Alignment: Life Cycle/Tehsh

• I will see the Scourge cleansed from the earth.
• The god’s know best… so they say.
• I am the strong one.

Bewaya: 7
Dayo Stones: 0
Jofya: 67

Inscriptions: “Eliminate the Scourge” (+2p to mysticism cast)

Other party members:
• Tāvi – Jeff; Remnant
• Jabēra – Adam; Alathan martial artist and ex-assassin for the Perish of the Black Ring.
o Kārra and Sensen – Jabēra’s students
• Lūpa – Matt Allen; 53 year-old, heavily scarred Necromancer; worshiper of Naeva/cold/resolution/peace
• Mambi – Tina; incredibly old, resurrected, Remnant female.

• 2 Ancestral Daggers 4D+1 damage ((3D+1)1D imbuence of bio-energy).
• Flowing Hooded Cloak w/ Concealing Pockets (Common Camouflage).
• Potion of Mysticism (
2p to mysticism for 1D+2 rounds) (x2).
• Potion of Healing (As a cure for most illnesses) (x1).
• Juggernaut Eyes (x2).
• Invisibility Potion (invisible for 1D+2 rounds).
• Felt Vest w/ornate, unknown inscription in golden thread (used as under-armor).
• Canteens of flammable oil (x2).
• Green jewel of unknown origin (appears to have channeling properties)
• Crudely drawn sea charts.
• Breastplate; ornate metal; the fire symbol on the chest gives off heat & dances like real flame.
• Giant 15’ circular mirror that appears to be an incredibly powerful magical object. There are green inscriptions around the frame that appear to be written in Alathan, Remnant, and Malali scripts, along with some sort of additional hieroglyphs.
• Heavy, 12”, Tehshian emblem, made of solid silver. No magic properties detected.
• 1 year and 3 days of food and water.
• 50 ft. of rope.
• 2 Chimerillion eyes.

Current whereabouts: The City of Ir Sadina

• Tehren – Extremely rich and well-connected “old money” citizen of Ir Sadina. Has possible connections to Caldrous and the Zoarch community. Slain by me.
• Caldrous – A powerfully connected Remnant ex-Templar with marked anarchist sensibilities. He has a strong connection with the overthrow of Ravenstone Prison (the infamous, high-security, Northern Empire Alathan prison), and a slew of miscellaneous riots and uprisings. He is possibly the head Warlord of the Octopodi, and also possibly a high-ranking Zoarch himself. He possesses a large unknown inscription and scar over his left eye.
• Known “mafia-esque” criminal families (The Ja’adin, or, “the damned”)
o The Parish of The Black Ring (lead by Bishop Ozig) – to whom Lupa and I owe a favor. Bishop Ozig seems a shrewd man, without fear, and who possesses a great love for loyalty.
o The Parish of The Shattered Eye (lead by Bishop Thet)
o The Parish of The Lady’s Children (leader as yet unknown)
o The Parish of The Camp Wraiths (leader as yet unknown)
o The Parish of The Voice of Sayya (lead by Bishop Jinson)
o The Parish of The Catfish (leader as yet unknown)
• Captain Tolan – Head of the Tarabolis Protectorate for the City of Ir Sadina. Captain Tolan is an acute observer of others, possesses and sharp mind, and a considerable amount of self-control, even under the influence of Alathan ale. He is a friend to Lupa and myself, for we solved the mystery of his missing soldiers; they were killed at the hands of a few crazed Homonkuli that we dealt with swiftly.
• Tyr – Head field agent for the Remnant Inquisitors. Found out he was seen by Captain Tolan a few weeks ago, poking his head into issues where he doesn’t belong.
• Vestagath the Elder – Lived so long that Tehsh simply invited him into the Spirit Realm. He is now an Avatar of death for Tehsh. He is often understood as looking like an old man with a cane.

Jerys’ background information:
• After the encounter in which I killed Tehren, I foolishly ate some sort of biomaterial that disagreed with my digestion. I am now growing a small tentacle out of the side of my ribcage on my right side. UPDATE: after some secretive TLC on my part, the tentacle is now a foot long, and I can control its movement.

MIND: 4D Dazed O O O O
Knowledge: 2D
• Brilliance: 2D
Perception: 6D
• Clarity: 6D
• Charismatic (passive; -1p debuff to all opponent’s non-attacking rolls)
• T3 Charm (+1D+2 to charisma, bargain, intimidate, con, persuade) – 20+ to succeed
• Hide/Sneak (vs. enemy perception check)
• T2 Cutting Insight – 5D damage vs. SPIRIT – 20+ to succeed
• T2 Rapier Wit – 5D damage vs. MIND – 20+ to succeed

BODY: 4D (6D w/armor) Ailing O O O O
1D to BODY; Fire Breastplate; add 2p to survival in cold conditions
• +2p to BODY; Chītin Under-Armor (warn under Fire Breastplate)
• +1p to BODY; Felt Vest Armor Padding
Strength: 2D
• Endurance: 2D; 2D
2 Endurance in cold conditions (w/ fire breastplate)
Dexterity: 6D
• Agility: 6D (vs. weapon or magic attack; roll once per round)
• T2 Escape Artist (1D to saving rolls, acrobatics, climbing, swimming, jumping) – 16+ to succeed
• T2 Deft Fingers (1D to pick lock, pickpocket, disarm trap) – 16+ to succeed
• T4 Backstab (5D+1 damage; target cannot dodge – requires successful sneak roll) – 20+ to succeed
• Blade (6D+1 damage)
• Dirty Fighting (7D damage (Blade+2p)) – 13+ to succeed

SPIRIT: 5D Traumatized O O O O O
Will: 2D
• Resolve: 2D
Mysticism: 6D+1 ((5D+2) 2p MYST inscription) + (1D2 to cast (“Tehren’s Gift”)) = 8D
• Mediation: 6D
• T3 Imbue Life – heal 2 dice to MIND, BODY, or SPIRIT – 19+ to cast
• T1 Life Shield – defensive shield as armor; – Add 1D+1 to BODY when rolling vs. damage; last 1D+2 rounds – 13+ to cast
• T2 Swarm – 2D+1 damage to BODY; (4D w/”Tehren’s Gift”); -1D debuff to all opponent’s skill rolls) – 16+ to cast
• T2 Vine Lash – 4D+1 damage to BODY (6D w/“Tehren’s Gift”); 3×3AOE – 20+ to cast
• Resurrect (instant resurrection) – 19+ to cast
• T4 Life Ball – 5D damage (5D + (6D+2 w/“Tehren’s Gift”)) – 20+ to cast
• T1 Enervate – Until this condition ends, target suffers 1 temporary strain – 13+ to succeed
• T2 Innervate – Requires Enervate. You gain 1D to the stat of your choice for 1D+2 rounds – 16+ to succeed
• T1 Summon Elemental – Summon Life Cycle Elemental 1x/encounter. Requires organic matter – 20+ to succeed


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