Name: Kha’Shis

Race: Alathan

Gender: Male

Alignment: Tehsh, Life cycle

Age: 19

Height: 5’2" (If made to stand at full height, which is impossible under his own will)

Weight: 93

Physical Description: Kha’Shis is almost constantly seen hunched over some soon to be creation, sporting magnifying goggles and a simple jerkin covered with tools and pockets for storing more tools and all sorts of odds and ends. The survivor of strange childhood illness that slowly seeped the strength from his slender body, Kha’ is now paralyzed from the waist down. In addition to that, the disease brought on a bout of scale rot that he has never quite been able to kick. In spite of his sickly and raggedy appearance, one look into his eyes makes it all apparent that this fragile shell houses a very sharp and analytical mind.

Factions: Northern Empire, Dayokhan

Beliefs: “I live through my creations”

“I can rest assured that my brother is well protected out there while equipped with gear made by myself”

“My glory is gained through the use of my creations on the battlefield”

Traits: Analytical, Inquisitive, Motivated to the point of obsession

Character Description: Permanently chair bound, Kha’Shis lives to create. His flair for designing armor modifications, weapon enhancements, and the odd potion or inscription has made him an important member of the Hands of Kiorro, in spite of not being able to take to the field himself. Content to keep those in his clan well protected as they venture forth, he turns his mind inward in search of his next creation. His sharp, analytical mind and innate understanding of the elemental planes have seen him become adept at Inscribing in such a shortened time span, that many in the field are amazed at his accomplishments.

Mind 3D+2

Mental 5D+1

  • Alchemy (Feat, Tier 1)
  • Alchemy (Feat, Tier 2)
  • Alchemy (Feat, Tier 3)
  • Crafting (Skill)6D^
  • Inscribing (Feat, Tier 1)
  • Inscribing (Feat, Tier 2)
  • Masterful Mind (Feat, Tier 1)
  • Modify Armor (Feat, Tier 1)
  • Modify Armor (Feat, Tier 2)
  • Modify Weapons (Feat, Tier 1)
  • Modify Weapons (Feat, Tier 2)
  • Religion (Skill)
  • Research (Skill)

^Crafting rate is 6d with the plus 2 bonus from Masterful Mind feat

Perception 2D

Body 1D

Strength 1D

Dexterity 0D (Paralyzed from the waist down)

Manual Dexterity at an effective rate of 3D+1

Spirit 2D+2

Will 2D+2

Mysticism 2D+1



Dayo Stones:

Other Possessions:
10 Sheaths of Parchment
Twine, 2ft
Lock pick’s toolkit
Various vials/urns

Inscriber Tools:
Engraving Knife
Small Hammer
Various brushes for painting
Urns for storing Larantha Ink
Alchemy Tools:
Mortar and Pestle
Alchemist Supplies:
Pure Water
Tonic Water

Majority of possessions are found in the clan lab/workshop.


Khoo’Shis and Kha’Shis, are the youngest sons of an Ir Sardinian Imperial family of notable dignitaries and diplomats. Being scions of a very large and prominent family, they have been granted many liberties while growing up. Now on the cusp of adulthood, they have been gently encouraged by their family members to pursue avenues of interest more suited to their unique and eccentric natures (as well as more suited to not ruining the families reputation).


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