Imperial Agent


Name: Khal’Dahk

Features: 24 year old Alathan male, 5’10"159 lbs, Always stylish and impeccably dressed, flawlessly groomed, and perfectly physically fit, with a rakish yellow fin. Dressed in fine crimson and black laced linen.


Disciplines: Agent
Element: Light
Spheres: Alathan High Society, Imperial Court, Council, Political, Criminal Underworld (Ja’adin)
• I answer to Viceroy Ger’rionith, whom I serve as Viceroy’s Blade
• Commodore Jen’tol of the Golden Radiance is my liaison in the Imperial Military
• Bishop Thet of the Shattered Eye Ja’adin is a frequent patron and contact
• Sal’Navi, bitter retired commander of the Scarlet Ages and rumored defector, is a good contact
• Bel’Ama, Blade of the Viceroy Khim’Eth, is an old friend and colleague
Khoo’Shis and Kha’Shis are sons of an old friend and I inducted them into our guild
• Katshah, head of the League of Free Trade on Sadina and previously a pirate with the Lehoosa raiders, owes me a favor thanks to Bishop Thet.

1. “I will see to the great advance of the Empire and the glory of Jakabosa.”
2. “I will never let strength and chaos rule the day.”
3. “I am sworn as blade to Viceroy Ger’rionith.”
4. “I will strive to solve problems in an aesthetically pleasing manner!” (Re-worded it, seems a bit vague, will keep it if you are okay with it.)


_Bewaya: _
Dayo Stones:
Jofya: 38

• Mask of Deception(+1 perception, +2 disguise) Use the following as a link to get an idea about the look:

• Imbued Spalders of Intimidation (+1 to armor, +1 to intimidation)

• Imbued Pants (Representing the latest fashion in the Northern Imperial Court, +1 to society rolls)

• Gargoyle Wing Cape (+2 to armor)

• Avoidance Bracers (+2 to agility against AOE’s)

• Cold Iron Slip Blade 4D+1 (+1D to Elem. beings from The Fade, +2 protection from them)

• Vital Stake (+2D Heal, can’t heal past wounded)

• Green Spirit (A strong antiseptic, analgesic, and anti-parasitic tincture w/ living sprite)

• Pet Rock (named Rocky)

• Shotkaster 4d (2 adjacent squares, ≥ five spaces away, +2 to hit, 1 full turn reload)

• 2 rounds of of Cold Iron shot: +1D to elemental beings from the Fade)

• Rapier 3D+1

• Parrying Dagger 2D (+1 to parry)

• Stiletto 2D+2

• Belt Dagger 2D+2

• Boot knife 2D+1

• Caltrops

• Hatchet 2D+2

• Fillet Knife 2D

• Field gear (Bedroll, cookset, flint & tinder, spyglass, Rope)

• Dark crimson cape, black with crimson lace tunic,crimson w/ black lace pants, black boots, and black wristguards

• Monocle +1D Business

• Imperial Clearance Papers Level 9


As for new skills: Suspicion tier 1, Leverage tier 1, Dilettante tier 1, Cutting Insight tier 1, and Rapier Wit tier 1.

MIND: 3D+2, 4D w/ Mask of Deception
Dazed ☐ ☐ ☐ ☐

• Armor/Imbuance

Knowledge: 3D
Brilliance: 3D
(All the following are skills)

  • Bureaucracy (Skill, 4d+1, Social Grace tier 2)
  • Business (Skill, 4D, Monocle)
  • Politics (Skill, 4d+1, Social Grace tier 2)
  • Streetwise (Skill, 3d+1)
  • Society (Skill, 4d+2, Social Grace tier 2 and imbued pants)
  • High Fashion (Specialized Skill, 5D)
  • Tracking (Skill, 3d+1)

Perception: 4D+1, 4D+2 with Mask of Deception
Clarity: 4D+1

  • Bargain (Skill, 5d+1, Charm tier 1)
  • Charm (Feat, tier 1)
  • Charm (Feat, tier 2)
  • Charisma (Skill, 5d+2, Charm tier 2)
  • Charismatic (Feat, tier 1)
  • Con (Skill, 5d+2, Charm tier 2)
  • Cryptology (Feat, tier 1)
  • Cryptology (Feat, tier 2)
  • Cutting Insight (Skill, deals 4d+1 vs. spirit, tier 1)
  • Deft Fingers (Feat, tier 1)
  • Dilettante (Feat, gain +2 to untrained skill once per enc., tier 1)
  • Disguise (Feat, 5d+1 Mask of Deception)
  • Escape Artist (Feat, tier 1)
  • Forge (Skill, 5d+1 Cryptology tier 2)
  • Intimidate (Skill, 6d, Charm tier 2 and imbued spaulders)
  • Leverage (Skill, Through observation find a weakness)
  • Local Knowledge (Feat, tier 1)
  • Lucky Charmer (Feat, tier 1)
  • Persuasion (Skill, 5d+2, Charm tier 2)
  • Rapier Wit (Skill, 4d+1 vs. Mind tier 1)
  • Sneak (Skill, 4d+2)
  • Social Grace (Feat, tier 1)
  • Social Grace (Feat, tier 2)
  • Suspicion (Feat, tier 1)

1. 2 to saving rolls vs. perception and illusions, 5d1, Suspicion tier 1
2. Mask of Deception gives a +1 bonus to perception, and a +2 bonus to disguise.
3. -1 to all opponents contested rolls (non-attacking), passive

BODY: 3D+1,
Ailing ☐ ☐ ☐ ☐

• Armor/Imbuance (imbued spaulders, gargoyle cape)
• +3 armor

Strength: 2D+1
Endurance: 3D

  • Climbing (Skill, saving rolls 3D because of Escape Artist)

Dexterity: 4D
Agility: 5D, *5d+2 while sneaking, using Cloak and Dagger tier 1, or against AOE’s

  • Acrobatics (Skill, saving rolls 5D because of Escape Artist)
  • Cloak and Dagger (Feat, tier 1)
  • Disarm Traps (Skill, 4D+2 because of Deft Fingers)
  • Dirty Fighting (Feat, tier 1)
  • Jumping (Skill, saving rolls 5D because of Escape Artist)
  • Khirkaster: Shotkaster (Ranged weapon specialized skill)
  • Pick Pockets/Locks (Skill, 5D because of Deft Fingers)
  • Swimming (Skill, saving rolls 4D+2 because of Escape Artist)

Traumatized ☐ ☐

• Armor/Imbuance

Will: 2D+2
Resolve: 3D

1. +2 to saving rolls vs. illusions, Suspicion tier 1

Mysticism: 3D
Mediation: 3D


Fashionable Khahl’Dahk is an agent of the Empire and determined to make it look as good as possible. He is wholeheartedly committed to the Empire and willing to do whatever it takes for its cause. But he certainly takes his time choosing how best to accomplish them. If that means arriving late, then so be it. At least he looks good in the process.


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