Remnant Godking


The current God King is Khuulanayen. He is the successor to Nebbadelchus, and his scion is the young Teramemnitus, favorite son of his consort Aloife.

The God King is the chief amongst all living Remnant. He possesses tremendous physical and mystical powers, far beyond the scope of all but the most mighty of warriors or casters. He also possesses a quite extreme physical resilience, and will often live for up to several hundred years. Aspects of his powers have been compared with the avatars or legendary prophets, including a tremendous capacity for channeling multiple types of energies and even the growth of wings. He also possesses a floating halo/crown composed of a crystalline substance, although whether this is a physical object placed on his head or something that grows or manifests is unknown. The God King is the supreme authority amongst the Remnant, answerable to no one. He does have a very strong connection with the Aygeemya and it seems his power comes from and directly corresponds to theirs. A God King has been in place for at least ten thousand years and the position probably came to be what it is know following the Great Cataclysms. It is with his blessing that the Elders rule Remnant society, and he technically has veto power over any decision made by them. The office is somewhat disconnected with everyday governance however and the God King usually only makes decisions directly on significant issues or in times of conflict. He lives and rules from the capital of the Remnant lands in Caducepolis. All known God Kings have been male, although there is no stipulation that this must be the case, only precedent. The God King selects an heir as guided by the Aygeemya, whom he instructs until his death. Upon becoming the “scion” or heir, the individual begins to manifest immense power unseen in other individuals. Upon becoming the God King, the scion receives even more supernatural blessings, becoming not unlike a living avatar. He is rarely seen, and more often is only invoked, since he governs through the [[Elders.]]

Titles of the God King

He who is without equal

Highest of mortals

Favored among mortals

Seat of power

The Ineffable One

Seal of the Aygeemya

Scion of Sayya

Divine among men

Lord of the lands

Preserver of the peoples

Channeler of Channelers

Mightiest in battle

Guarantor of survival

The sublimely exalted

The eternally besought

The enduring one

The decider


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