Komodo Lizard



Gender: Komodo Dragon

Schools: Animal Companion

Age: 22

Height: 7" long

Weight: 125 lbs

Physical Description: Scar on nose, missing toe on left hind foot

Character Description: loyal, calm, nice, slow to trust others


Mental: 1D

Perception: 2D

  • Smell 3D

Body 3D+1

Strength: 3D+2

Dexterity: 2D+2

  • Charge move up to 3 spaces to hit target, does Strength damage
  • Tail Swipe must be adjacent, does Strength damage, knocks over
  • Bite Does 4D damage,(2/3 chance of Septic Saliva effect, roll 1D, effect on 3+)
  • Septic Saliva (poison debuff, subject is -2 to all rolls for each bite until healed)


Will: 2D+2

Mysticism: 0D


Other Posessions:

Komodo Lizard

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