Name: Lulai

Features: Middle-Aged (80, ~50) Female Melali, 6’10", 170lbs, Tall, lithe, lanky. Lulai means “Vine”, Vine-like fingers, Wears living moss colony, choker of deep red berries, Wise, Elusive, Servant, Idealistic


Disciplines: Shaman, Druid
Element: Earth
Spheres: Moa’loli Wilds, Maniani Tribe, Melali Druids
• I lived among the trees and druids of Moa’loli
• I have advocated for and trained female shamans, including Adsila

1. I Will heal the wounded, whether land or creature
2. Always work towards fullness of life and community
3. I will push towards female shamans


Bewaya: 15
Dayo Stones:
Jofya: 27
Inscriptions: Eefa Earth Imbuance of the Thaumaturge (passive + 1 to spell to hit)

Mossy Outfit
Sprouted Walking Stick
Red berry necklace
Hidden herb pouches
Sackful of herbs
Potion +2 knowledge (x2)
Potion of spatial expansion: create 9 square open space in one space
Silver chalice
Exquisite white wine
Instant cold cup
Nightvision potion
Blanket heals strain over 10D rounds when placed over body


Dazed ☐ ☐ ☐ ☐

• Armor/Imbuance

Knowledge: 4D
Brilliance: 4D
• Botany (knowledge of plants) 4D+2
• First Aid (treat an injury with natural methods) 4D+1
• Survival (life and survival in the wilds) 4D+1
• Resurrection (takes 2 hours, requires soul orb, ritual) 4D+1

Perception: 4D
Clarity: 4D
• Hide/Sneak 4D+1
• Search 4D+1

BODY: 2D+2
Ailing ☐ ☐

• Armor/Imbuance

Strength: 1D+2
Endurance: 1D+2
• Climbing 3D+1

Dexterity: 3D+2
Agility: 3D+2
• Staff/Walking Stick 4D

Traumatized ☐ ☐ ☐

• Armor/Imbuance
• Eefa Earth Imbuance of the Thaumaturge (passive + 1 to spell to hit)

Will: 1D+2
Resolve: 2D
• Focus 2D

Mysticism: 5D+1
Mediation: 5D

Shaman Feats
• Trance (enter a spirit trance, seeing the spirit world but may snap out of it at any time. +2 to Myst. Gain 1 strain box in Mind/Body but – 1D any skills in them. Stance.)
• Somnambulist* (may trance as minor action, allows you “run” in trance at -1 space/round than normal run)
• Spirit Sight* (in trance, allows full sight of spirits/invisible/hiding/sneaking being)
• Spirit Tongue* (speak to spirits/elemental beings)
• Spirit Guide* (Talk to the ancient earth spirit of your grandmother, who often aids you but may be cryptic)
• Fortifying Chant* T2 (increase Mind, Body, or Spirit 6×6 AOE +2, Condition, req. trance)
• Hypnotize* (target will perform a reasonable non-harming request, req trance)
• Balance (removes all positive and negative conditions from an area and those inside, restoring the natural state, 3 by 3 square AOE)
• Cure T2 (life energy swirls to heal a specific injury, Remove up to 1 strain and 1 Condition, single target)
• Possession* T2 (Possess any being, using their abilities for your turn. Special Condition. Roll vs Mediation)

Druid Feats
• Grow (create, heal, or spike the growth of any plant, heal a Melali or plants 1 strain)
• Woodshape (bend, twist, form, and shape wood or plants as though sculpting, but w/o tools)
• Rooted (you are unable to be moved, tripped, or shifted against your will)
• Tendril Pull (vines burst from ground, shifting your target one space from their current location)
• Vinespawn (creates 4 space grasping vine, may hold 1 target in place 1 round)
• Vinecover ( + 1D to hide/camouflage, extended condition)
• Sense Life (as a Druid, you can feel anything living within a ten space radius, even if invisible or hidden)
• Barkskin T2 (cause thick bark to cover skin as temporary armor, adds 1D to body vs damage for 1D + 2 turns, condition)
• Thornshield (brambles cover you, does 3D damage to attacker if hit with melee roll, condition)

• Tree Of Life (learned @ Eye of Life, Root into ground and commune with Life energies, causing healing vines to flow through the area around you, effects may vary, 1 turn to root/1 to activate, may persist as long as you like, you need no nourishment in this form, ritual)

Tall and lithe, with lanky fingers, she was named after the vines around her ancestral grove.Sensing a deep connection to the natural world and a desire to heal it, she joined a Druid community at a young age. Her time communing with plants in her Druid grove has caused her fingers to become even more vine-like, and she wears a living moss colony as clothing. A long choker of deep red berries is usually found around her neck. After 30 years among its ranks, she sensed a calling to move out of the isolation of the Druidic camps and bring greater healing to the regular people. It was then she started work as a simple village shaman. Revered for her time as a druid, she was able to became an advocate for female shamans among Manianii, who traditionally had reserved the role for men. In this, she has taken a strong stand, and mentored several aspiring female shamans, including Adsila. Wherever she goes, she does so to bring healing and new life.


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