Remnant Exile Necromancer


Name: Lupa

Features: Male Remnant Exile, Calculating, Heavily Scarred, Selfish, 53, 5’ 7", Gaunt, Greying eyes


Disciplines: Necromancer
Element: Cold/Naeva
Spheres: Remnant Exile, Alathan Criminal
• I knew Jerys’ family
• Long relationships with other exiles

1. I will always fight for those I deem family.
2. (I) never hurt the innocent.
3. Death is inevitable and pain is an illusion


Bewaya: 2
Dayo Stones:
Jofya: 67

• Finely Crafted Rapier Dex+2D damage, piercing, Agility+1
• 2 Matching Daggers Dex+1D, piercing
• Dark cloak
• Gladius Short sword, Str+1D+1 or Dex+1D+1, slashing/piercing
• Scale Breastplate, Body Armor +3, Dex-1
• Bone Studded Gauntlets, Body Armor +1

• Knows where Mirror is buried in Jabera’s dojo

Dazed ☐ ☐ ☐

• Armor/Imbuance

Knowledge: 2D
Brilliance: 2D
• First aid (Know +1)

Perception: 4D
Clarity: 4D
• Intimidate (Per+1)
• Persuasion (Per+1)
• Hide (Per+1)

BODY: 1D+2, 3D+1 with Armor
Ailing ☐ ☐

• Armor/Imbuance: Scale Breastplate, Body Armor +3, Dex-1
• Bone Studded Gauntlets, Body Armor +1

Strength: 1D
Endurance: 1D

Dexterity: 2D
Agility: 2D
• Piercing Blades: 3D

Traumatized ☐ ☐ ☐ ☐

• Armor/Imbuance

Will: 4D
Resolve: 4D+2
• Control Pain 5D

Mysticism: 5D
Mediation: 5D
• Suffering (T3) 5D+1, Roll vs Resolve, Does does 4D+2 damage to Spirit (D5)
• Rigor Mortis (T2) Roll vs Agility, movement slowed to 1/4 rate, condition (D5)
• Magnify Pain (T2) Target takes+1D to all damage, condition (D4)
• Dark Obsession (T1) Add+1 to all rolls for each nearby death, up to 2D, condition
• Agony (T1) 5D+2, Inflict 1 Stage of Spirit Strain lasting until your next turn, condition (D5)
• Raise Dead (T1) raise a corpse, limit 1 raised at any one time (D4)
• Unnerving Sacrifice, take 1 strain to Spirit to heal a Raised Corpse (D5)
• Misery’s Company (T1) 1x/encounter, target takes strain in an attribute equal to your own (D6)
• Lingering Horror (T1) -1D to all Spirit rolls within area. AOE. Condition (D4)


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