Remnant Fire Elementalist Illusionist


Name: Mambi

Features: Remnant Female, deposed empress, elaborate costume, 5’4", 140lbs, haughty, ambitious, bitter, resentful, vengeful, selfish, fiery, capricious


Disciplines: Pyromancer, Illusionist
Element: Fire
Spheres: Kinsthet Desert, High Society
Tehren stole my statue

1. I am made to command and rule
2. Always destroy or I will be destroyed
3. Power is life, I live to burn


Bewaya: 13
Dayo Stones:
Jofya: 24j
Inscriptions: Fiery Wrath: +2 to hit with fire spells

Exquisite courtly clothes
Two pairs of gloves
Hand mirror
Elaborate dagger (bedazzled)
Hidden compartments in dress
Set of exquisite royal silverware and goblet
Makeup and face powders
A key (on a red ribbon) to her palace
Potion of Bewitched Life (x2): animates target inanimate object, double length condition


MIND: 2D+2
Dazed ☐ ☐

• Armor/Imbuance

Knowledge: 2D
Brilliance: 2D
• Society 3D

Perception: 3D
Clarity: 3D
• Intimidate 3D+1
• Con 3D+1

BODY: 2D+2
Ailing ☐ ☐

• Armor/Imbuance –

Strength: 2D+2
Endurance: 2D+2

Dexterity: 2D+1
Agility: 2D+2

Traumatized ☐ ☐ ☐ ☐

• Armor/Imbuance:
Fiery Wrath: +2 to hit with fire spells

Will: 3D
Resolve: 3D

Mysticism: 5D+1, 6D with fire spells due to Fiery Wrath imbuance
Mediation: 5D+1

  • Figment – Creates a simple illusory effect (just light, just sound, etc) vs MIND
  • Illusory Visage (T2) – Make self appear/feel like anyone or anything, condition lengthx2
  • Delirium (T2) Roll vs Clarity to hit, Does 4D damage to Mind
  • Terrifying Hallucination – Creates illusion of target’s fear, causes run in terror, vs WILL, condition (1D/2)
  • Vision of Betrayal – Causes target to attack an ally within range with a basic attack, vs MIND
  • Mirage – Creates a complex illusory effect, visible to everyone around, vs WILL
Fire Spells
  • Fireshield (T1) – does 3D damage to BODY if hit with melee roll, condition
  • Fire storm (T2) – does 4D damage, AOE, †
  • Fireball (T3) – 5D Damage to BODY
  • Ignite (T2) – does 3D damage to BODY for 1D/2 turns, condition†
  • Spark – conjure a tiny orb of elemental fire
    †=ignore armor if >1 hit


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