Alathan Cabalist


Nikelya’s Talismans

Eefa Talismans

Talisman of Gardening. Botany +1
Talisman of Taming. Animal Training +1
Talisman of Confidence. Persuasion +1
Talisman of Leaping. Jumping +2
Talisman of Defense. Unarmed Block +1
Talisman of Toughness. Control Pain +1
Talisman of Antivenom. Resist Poison +1
Talisman of Health. Resist Illness +1
Rock of Destiny. When thrown, this rock hits whatever it is destined to hit.
Imbued Wishbone. Break (minor action) to add +1d to a roll

Standard Talismans

Silver Thimble. Crafting +2
Healer’s Token. First Aid +2
Charmed Dice. Gambling +1
Golden Coin. Bargain +2
Pegi foot. Hide +2
Auspicious Fishes. Swimming +2
Lucky Shackle. Endurance +2
Lucky Punch Pendant. Unarmed +2
Avoidance talisman. Dodge +1
Lucky Lamdril Shoe. Riding +2
Reality Anchor Charm. Resist Illusion +2
Worry Stone. Focus +2
Bag Of Possibility Orbs. The balls inside could transform into anything. Letter “J” on bag.

Kushi Talsimans

Cold Iron Pin. Repel elemental beings (will save 17)
Biawood Charm. Once a day, re-roll a 1 on a luck die.
Ancient Rosary. Myst 2
Vengeful Ankh. Killer of user -1D
2 to all skills for one day.
Evil Eye Amulet. Resist spell +2
Locket of the Favored. +1 on all non-magic body saves
Luck Maker Coin. Slashed on one side. When flipped to that side, +1 to damage done.
Fortune Favor. Adds un-quantifiable luck to carrier. Trust me.


Young, bohemian, and carefree Nikelya is an artist, fortune teller and cabalist. Growing up in the liberal circles of Kio, she believes in the universal connection and value of all peoples. She cares little for rules and though she has no ill intentions, her apathy towards the law has landed her in trouble on occasion. She finds the spirituality of the Melali compelling.


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