Ol' One Eye

Homonculi Witch


Homunculus Witch: Ol’ One Eye the self proclaimed Bandit King of the Third Eye gang

Bio: Malicious and calculating, Ol’ One Eye combines your typical cartoon villain traits all rolled into one. With the flair for dramatics and planning of Mumra, the self preservation of Cobra Commander, combined with the sheer nuisance/annoyance factor of Rita Repulsa, you are approaching the type of villain Ol’ One Eye is. In spite of, or because of this, he is able to command the utmost respect out of his Third Eye gang and hold together the various outcasts that fill the ranks. When one takes into account that most of the members are homunculi made by Ol’ One Eye himself, this becomes less impressive. While a renowned strategist among homunculi, his plans typically contain one tragic flaw waiting to be exploited by the adventurers sent to thwart him. He holds the current world record for oldest living homunculi, which might explain why he is held in such reverence by his people. It is rumored among homunculi that he traveled to the heart of Fade and there learned of a secret elixir of Immortality from an ancient spirit of the woods. With a reputation for mischief and a new gang of one eyed or sight impaired followers, Ol’ One Eye has set his sights on Sadina as the new home for his people and has put his plans in motion to rally his people and take over the island as the Homunculi homeland.

Manner of speech: think of Yoda yet hailing from the West Indies (If that kind of accent is even possible) with lots of clichéd villainous catch phrases.

Appearance: Standing at three and a half feet tall, the wrinkled and wizened Ol’ One Eye evokes fear in even some of the most hardened dayokhan in spite of his size. A gaping scar over his right eye covered by a patch, a monocled and magnified right eye (think nerdy character from office space but with evil intent), long, matted hair tangled with vines, and a huge protruding nose make up his face. The rest of his body is covered in a tattered burlap sack that is sprouting weeds and herbs. While old, he remains surprisingly spry for his age, and can demonstrate this on or off his riding stick/cane. His cleaver, bewitched cauldron attached to another riding stick, and his painted crown containing a soul orb round out his equipment, as well as a bevy of potions/brews.

Mental 3D+1
Craft/Brew 5D
Botany 4D+2
Perception: 1D+1, 2d with monocle
Intimidate 4d, 4D+2 with Monocle
Search 2D, 2D+2 “”
Body 2D+2
Strength: 1D+1
Dexterity: 4D
Throw 5D+1
Cane/Staff 4D+1
Cleaver 4D+1
Riding 5D+1
Will: 3D
Resist Poison 4D
Resist Illusion 4D
Focus 3D+2
Mysticism: 5D
Toil N Trouble (Tier 3)
Evil Eye (Tier 3)
‘Splodin Brew (Tier 2)
Bewitch (Tier 2)
Curse (Tier 2)
Branch Brew
Analgesic Brew
Root Liquer
Eye of Newt
Sticky Brew
Frenzy Brew
Sleepy Brew
Mandrake Brew

Riding Stick, permanently bewitched w/ riding brew due to sacrifice of sprite while performing a dark ritual to enchant the stick.
7 potions (ready made) 2 ’splodin, 1 Hallucinogenic, 1 Analgesic, 2 Frenzy, 1 Sticky (Unless otherwise noted)
Monocle, imbued to give +2 to per and +1 to Evil Eye. Makes him look super creepy.
Choppy his friendly all purpose slicer and dicer, almost always the target of his bewitch spell to attack on its own, 2D damage
Cooky, his ever present travel cauldron, also permanently bewitched to follow Ol’ One Eye in a similar fashion
Vegetation covered burlap sack, +1 to hide while in forest environments
Green Painted wooden crown with a soul orb placed in the front, said to belong to the former Bandit King that Ol’ One Eye usurped.

Ol' One Eye

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