Remnant Biomancer


Name: Raeshondakos

Gender: Male

Schools: Biomancer

Alignment: Life Cycle

Age: 30

Height: 6’1"

Weight: 180

Physical Description:

Factions: Ja’adin

Beliefs: I will destroy any traces of Zoarchy before it can harm anyone else
I will avenge and bring honor to my master
I will conform my life as a conduit to channel the life cycle without impediment

Traits: Devoted, Focused, Idealistic, Shepherding, Withdrawn, Agreeable

Character Description: Dutiful and meditative,Raesh is a Remnant caught between two worlds. He studied bio-channeling under the great Remnant master Tulastarkhis and believes firmly in the traditional Remnant kingdom’s values, but was born to Remnant Outcasts in Ir Alatha, making him an outcast by default. After seeing his master slain while trying to challenge a former student dabbling in Zoarchy, Raesh has vowed to destroy any trace of the foul magics and bring honor to his master. On his journeys in early adventuring, he was deceitfully tricked into working for Sadinian Ja’adin parish. Several years later he has come to appreciate them, but still looks disdainfully on their methods at times. Discovering a chance to work with a local adventuring clan attempting to destroy the Octopodi zoarchs, he eagerly volunteered for service. Rather withdrawn and conflict avoidant usually, he will abruptly step forward when he believes the situation demands it, usually when he feels obvious ideas are being ignored or his high ideals are brought into play. His connection with the life cycle is quite highly mystical and ritualistic, leading Raesh to strict asceticism for himself but great generosity and openness to the paths of others.

Mind 2D+1

Mental: 2D

  • Religion 3D

Perception: 2D+2

Body 2D+2

Strength: 2D

Dexterity: 3D

  • Dodge
  • Polearm

Spirit 4D+1

Will: 3D+1

  • Focus

Mysticism: 5D
The 11 forms, all T1
1. Seed – conjure a small orb of life (d3 diff)

2. Bioball – hurl an orb of life cycle energy (d3 3d+2)

3. Swarm – bugs and other pests flood from the ground covering target (d3 1D+2 dam, +1D to target’s difficulties, debuff)

4. Vinelash – area whipped by thorny vines (d4 3D+2 aoe)

5. Healing wave – heals adjacent one level (d3 heals 1D)

6. Deaden – lessen life functions

7. Imbue life- heals two levels or adds damage (d4 +1 or +1D if touching)

8. Lifeshield – plants and small animals form shield (d4 +1d+1 vs dam)

9. Floraform

10. Root – roots come from ground and hold opponents (d4 single target no move 1d/2)

11. Resurrect – (d6 instant rez)


Jofya: 9


Dayo Stones:

Other Posessions:
A pole-falchion/pudao/naginata 4D
Worn robes
Traveling Sandals
Small cook set
Two leather sacks with vine/spiral motif
Small cage of ritual tosish beetles


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