Remnant Chronomancer Martial Artist


Name: Vesa
Gender: Male
Schools: Martial Artist/Chronomancer
Alignment: Time
Age: Unknown
Weight: 175

Physical Description: A Slender, muscular Remnant although much of this is not visible to others around – Vesa wears a black sneaking suit but you would not know this buy his appearance in the mausoleum – lacking everything but a pair of ripped pants. His body covered with scars, some self-inflicted (cheap tattoos) some form his enemies. The clothing and items he does still have with him or antiquities of a distant past most would not remember. His eyes are fully black.

Factions: It is almost certain that Vesa belonged to a guild or faction of martial artists and had a teacher however there is not enough left of his memory or his possessions to say either. A few unknown but “familiar” scars may still hold a few half-truths but it no longer matters anyways. He is utterly and completely alone when he is found and most likely escaping a fate he wasn’t supposed to.

Beliefs: He is a very inwardly influenced. No Gods or faith except that which in his own existence. If asked he would probably say his religion is that of a life without regret.

Traits: Patient, devastatingly so. Able to wait an eternity for the right moment. His study of time has also made him aware of its illusionary influence on our lives. No past, no future he often cannot be expected to have the same desire others do. Often his actions can be seen as thoughtless because they simple are. Not afraid of death but often wishes for it…

Character Description: Betrayed by an unknown guild, born to an unknown family, and left to die by an unknown foe, Vesa knows little about his origins an even less about himself. His still living body found trapped in time at the beginning entrance to the mausoleum. The only thing before him a sundial. He bears the markings of a past age and his weaponry is even cruder. Skilled in the art of martial arts and time control the imbued satchel on his waste gives appearance that he may have been hired to raid the tomb by whomever left him here, or perhaps they never came back for him… Vesa himself knows nothing of his presence in the mausoleum the years have made his body static but his mind can no longer remember. Perhaps what he came for is still inside…

Mind: 2D
Mental: 2d

Perception: 2d

Body: 4D

Strength: 3d

Dexterity: 5d

  • 5d + 2 unpredictability (tier 3)
  • 5d+2 Fluid Movement (Tier 2):
  • 5d+2 Watchful Eye (Tier 3): +1D+2 to dodge, buff


Will: 2d

Mysticism: 4d

  • 4d+2 Lapse tier 3
  • 4d +2 Foreseeable future
  • 4d+2 time heals all wounds

Bewaya: 8
Dayo Stones:
Other Posessions:
Imbued Stuffing Satchel (holds 4x size)
Potion Of Invisibility


The Opened World MGMT Vesa