Yen Specter

Remnant Exile Assassin


Name: Yen Spectre

Race: Remnant

Gender: Male

Schools: Assassin
Alignment: Life Cycle

Age: 28

Height: 6’

Weight: 155 lbs

Physical Description:


I can do anything I put my mind to
I will strike back at those who rob me of my freedom
No one will get in the way of what i know needs to be done

Traits: very persistent, confident, dramatic, maybe a little ahead of himself, very naive

Character Description: Forthcoming


Mental: 3d+1

  • tactics
  • streetwise
  • poisons

Perception: 5D

  • Hide
  • Sneak 6D
  • Con


Strength: 2D

  • Climbing

Dexterity: 5D

  • dodge(6D)
  • pierce blade
  • sneak attack T4
  • vital puncture T1
  • throutslit T3
  • cornered stance
  • stealthy (already added on to sneak)
  • damage poison
  • dex poison
  • drop caltrops


Will: 1D+2

  • Resist poison

Mysticism: 1D

Bewaya: 2

Jofya: 50

Inscriptions: destiny +1D to hit

Dayo Stones:

Other Posessions:

Mercurial Blade: 4D+1 damage, +2 to hit, -1 to opponent’s parry, -1D if used to parry
Caltrops (50)
Tattered Wrappings and belts
murky black potion
1D damage potion (4 uses)

Yen Specter

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