Imperial Military

The Legions of the Northern Empire are the largest and most organized military in the world. Drawing on the powerful military tradition of Sargon and the innovative integration of elemental magics, the forces function as a well-oiled machine.

There are nine legions in addition to the elite guard of the Vaetoriya.

Scarlet Ages – Desert & Home guard. Stationed in the central Ephsharay Wastes.
Amber Flame – Border guard. Stationed in Sadina, Teres, and Milotho
Golden Radiance – Scout & desert guard. Stationed in the Meegasee Peninsula
Amethyst Expanse – Foreign guard and portal security. The expeditionary forces stationed outside Imperial borders
Cerulean Seas – Sea & coast guard. The Imperial fleet and Navy around the world.
Silver Frost – Alpine & Evac. Stationed in the North East, near the border of the Gelidon
Ivory Cloud – Air guard. The Imperial air force, airship fleet, and air defense
Emerald Evergrowth – Support, medical corps, & Peacekeeping. Stationed East of Narathet and on the Isles of Eth, Danika, and Dalana
Ochre Grounds – Home defense legions & engineer corps. In reserve outside Narathet and on Teres

Military rankings are listed below in descending order. Those from noble families typically enter officers ranks no lower than Major and may have an honorific attached to their title in the case of nobility, usually “Lord”.

Legiarch – Head of entire Army
High Marshall – Head of region/theatre
(Field/Sea/Air) Marshall – Head of Legion Command
Legate – Oversees Legion/Fleet = 2 Divisions = 7,200 legionnaires/auxiliaries
Tribune – Head of Division = 2 Regiment = 3,600 legionnaires/auxiliaries
Commander – Head of Regiment = 2 Cohort= 1,800 legionnaires/auxiliaries
Prefect – Head of Cohort = 3 Battalions = 900 legionnaires/auxiliaries
Colonel – Head of Battalion = 3 Centuries = 300 legionnaires/auxiliaries
Centurion – Head of Century = 2 Companies = ~100 legionnaires/auxiliaries
Captain – Head of Company = 48 legionnaires/auxiliaries
Major – Head of Platoon = 2 Sections = 24 legionnaires/auxiliaries
Sergeant – Head of Section = 2 Squads = 12 legionnaires/auxiliaries
Corporal – Head of Squad = 6 legionnaires/auxiliaries
Legionnaire – Avg Soldier (including Chief, Veteran, 2nd in command of Squad)
(Auxiliary) Cadet – Trained who have yet to see war, also non-citizen auxiliary soldiers
Ensign – 1 to Squad, Newest recruits & untrained soldiers

Legionnaires are professional enlisted soldiers and citizens of the realm, comprising the core of the military. Their uniform varies depending on the army, with colors corresponding to element. The usual gear includes helmet, armor, tall shield, short sword, helmet, and two javelins. The weapons serve as the symbol of legionary service, kept in honorary discharge and decommissioning. The crossed javelins over the Mask of Teres serve as an icon of the legions. The tips of these javelins has a removable support, that when engaged provides reinforcement for repelling charges or melee combat. When removed, the tip is likely to bend on impact, rendering it useless for enemies or fouling shields & armor.

The remainder is made up of conscripted or volunteer auxiliaries, who are more lightly armed and armored. These often serve as skirmishers, ranged, or light infantry or cavalry, screening or flanking legionnaire units. Auxiliaries who complete a full tour of duty and/or are honorarily discharged are awarded citizenship and may re-enlist as a legionnaire.

Imperial Military

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