The Academy of Assassins is rather open about their curriculum, methods, and intentions. Any responsibility for assassinations that have taken place are officially denied by the academy. The individuals trained at the academy are frequently, and understandably, reluctant to share their true occupation. The view of the academy is that the death of a single individual has stopped many more wars than the deaths of the countless thousands on the battlefields. They see individuals as the causes of action versus groups, organizations, armies, etc. The individual then has the ability to do what is necessary to defend oneself and quickly bring down those who stand in their way. The general attitude at the academy is extremely political, openly smiling and working with other students while studying their every weakness. “No great event ever transpires without the spilling of some blood” is a phrase frequently heard. The students prize secrecy, surprise, tact, patience, and a remorselessness that unnerves most others. Focuses of study include poisons, stealth, camouflage, anatomy, marksmanship, and blade training. Deathmarks serve as a badge of honor and prestige among the Assassins’ creed, for the ability to use one means the Assassin has never failed to kill their previous targets.
Assassin Feats

Sneak Attack
You attack while your target is unaware, leaving them unable to dodge your assault.

You quickly strike the back of your target’s head, dazing them or knocking them out.

You wrap a weapon around your target’s neck, bleeding and strangling them over the next few turns.

Your training allows you to move more silently than most and hide in partial shadow. Passive.

Seasoned Killer
You’ve trained long for one reason alone: a quick and clean kill. Your attacks can bypass the normal limit of two strain stages in damage.

Acrobatic Stance
Much of your job requires deft movement more than actual combat. Stance. You may not attack in this stance.

Cornered Stance
When it comes to an all-out fight, you hold nothing back to do extra damage. Stance. You may not hide or sneak in this stance.

Vital Puncture
You stab deep and true, leaving your target weak and gasping from the bleeding wound.

You single out a target for a quick end. You and nearby allies inflict an extra +1 damage. Deathmarks last until the target is slain and you cannot use Deathmark again until then.

Your blade slices open your target’s vulnerable neck, spilling blood and hindering speaking.

Leap of Faith
You take a large and desperate jump, tempered by years of expert getaways and dexterous training.

Study Weakness
With time you can find the hole in any armor and strike with precision where your attack can do the most damage.

Poison Immunity
You’ve spent the last few years building up an immunity to the poisons and venoms you often employ to debilitate your targets.

Knockout poison*
You craft a compound that quickly lulls your target to a drugged sleep or blacked-out state.

Sapping poison*
You mix a batch of poison that drain, lessens, or depletes some aspect of your target.

Damaging poison*
You concoct a deadly mixture of venoms to dispatch a foe.



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