Difficulty Skill Effect

2 Shot From Shadows*(Tier1) fires and adds +2 to difficulty for opponents to hit following, buff 3 Shot On The Run**(Tier 1) take any action at full run, still adds +2 to your ability to be hit 3 Cripple*(Tier 1) target’s movement is 1/2, unless a difficulty 5 will roll is successful, then 3/4 3 Tracershot*(Tier 1) first shot +2 difficulty to hit, but next round’s shot is +1D to hit, buff 3 Read The Winds*(Tier 1) uses 1 turn without firing but next rounds are +2 to hit, buff 3 Calculate Arc*(Tier 1) uses 1 turn without firing but next rounds are +1 to hit, buff 3 Shoot From The Hip*(Tier 1) target <1>s Stance (Tier 1) +1D to hit, may not dodge or move, stance 6 Bounced Shot*(Tier 1) fire around obstacle, but with -1D damage and -1D+2 to hit 6 Snipe*(Tier 3) adds 2D to damage, takes one round to aim 6 Bullseye*(Tier 2) adds 1D+1 to damage, ignores armor 6 Arrowsplit*(Tier 2) if attack hit last turn and target does not dodge, hit is 1/2 and damage is +1D Key Skill: Bow or Blowgun

*requires ranged weapon

**Shot On The Run may not be attempted with Snipe, Duck and Cover, Bullseye,

Marksmen trained at the Academy of Marksman posses an extremely focused mind. They seek no less than perfection in their training. A sliver off to the left when aiming may produce an arrowshot feet from its intended target after all. Master Osso coaches students not only in firing and aiming weapons, but in modifying and personalizing them. Strategy, timing, focus, precision, patience, stability, and attention to detail are the skills honed by those at the academy. They know that one shot may be all they have, one arrow may be all they have, and that if they do their work correctly, no one else will need to worry about what to do in an incident.


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