The southwestern edge of Ir Sadina is being rebuilt after the massive plague outbreak and subsequent fires. Though the East Docks market is likely to have more variety, people are urged to the Western market area to re-kindle commercial viability.

A ship loaded with exotic good from Moa’loli is in port, and should have several very unique items to market soon.

The gala of the year was just held at Tehren’s manor house in the Trellace. Though several guests report some odd events, the evening is being touted as a grand success. Tehren is unavailable for comment.

A group of historians and chroniclers are recruiting a dig team for research into historical terathi manor houses. Ask around at the Root And Table.

Several new adventuring clans have received their charters. Clan Liquid may be found hanging around the Stark Raft Inn. The Sacred Few are based in a dojo about a block to the south.

Zepith, world famous advice sage and owner of The Hood in Ir Alatha, will be in Ir Sadina for a book tour and signing. His new book Inside The Hood has even been seen in the hands of Empress Jakabosa.

As told by Tovek Loose Tongue, the tavern gossip of “The Musty Mug” tavern on the east side of Ir Sadina:
“I hear tell that a Homunculi Witch and his band of raiders has been wreaking havoc along the local land trading routes around Ir Sadina. Why, just the other day they hit an incoming caravan of farm goods for the upcoming harvest festival, they did. The city council is trying to keep it hush hush so as not to ruin the mood of the city, but I hear one of the council members has secretly been approaching clans in hopes that one will step up and rid the city of this menace.”

Two different Tarabolis Protectorate patrols have disappeared in the Southeast section of the city within the last month. Imperial and Ja’adin spokespeople have denied any involvement and expressed their condolences for the soldiers’ families. Report any information to Captain Tolon.

Shocking news is making a circuit around some of the more informed circles that a rogue body of cultist has split from the Tattered Robe Cult (long the scourge of all fashionable and trendy Alathaya out there) creating their own separatist group formed by a half insane prophet on the notion that the Aygeema are not the true progenitors of all in this world, nor Sayya, who they are composed of. He instead claims that the true creator, Phillouwah, crafted this realm from another plane of existence to see the workings of his inner mind. While this notion is so foreign that it will undoubtedly not gain much of a foothold amongst most Alathaya, many of the learned priests who have gone to debate him are concerned with how much charm he has, and how easily he has reduced their most stubborn arguments to fragments and splinters of thought… Today, on the eve of the day they call Creator Day, their leader has sent out a wide call to the most learned to challenge him to debate on the day of the Alatha’s creation. The descendant of the great scholar Grinshoh has seen fit to accept this challenge and surely more word will get out once the results of the debate are in.


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