The Remnant are the oldest species on Alatha and actually the last vestiges of humanity itself. They appear as gray skinned humans with no facial features aside from large white eyes under heavy brows, often with pronounced cheekbones. In reality they also possess nasal/oral openings on either side of where a human’s nose and mouth would be. These slits are able to be tightly sealed to the point where they are barely visible and many Remnant prefer to maintain the illusion of their absence to other species. Remnant have the ability to communicate by radiant telepathy, through either words or pictures. This is perceived by all within a radius, in the same manner as sound, and cannot be focused on a single individual to the exclusion of others within the same distance.

The Remnant are a suspicious, mystical, and conservative people. They were nearly wiped out in a series of disastrous events that only the oldest manuscripts hint at. The Remnant were the first race to have made contact with the Aygeemya and may be the cause of the manifestations of the Aygeemya themselves, although essentially all of human history is lost to the Remnant. Much of Remnant society is based around mystical and tightly controlled traditional ways of doing things. Experimentation and deviation is frowned upon, bringing shame to one’s family. Their head the immensely powerful God-King Khulanayen, who allocates most of the actual rule to a group of Elders. Most major aspects of a Remnant’s life are regulated by the Elders, including occupation, when offspring may be produced, and outside contact. Nearly all Remnant settlements are vast underground cities and Remnant share some affinity with the caves and rocks of their homes. Those who choose against their given role are exiled, but many have come to gather in Alathan lands.

The written and spoken language is called hightongue and appears to be a jumble of Latin, Greek, and Gaelic. Hightongue is used for official decrees and to emphasize points, especially to outsiders, but day to day communication is more of a transmission of abstract thoughts and concepts accompanied by pictures. The motto of the Remnant, memorized at an early age is “Panos energon, regulaton energos impartion imperium, imperium nix chaos” This translates to something like “Everything is energy, channeling the energy gains control, control prevents destruction.” This concept is one of the cornerstones of Remnant thought.

Remnant Factions

  • The Elders – The primary governing body of the Remnant, the elders are a somewhat despotic, tightly controlling group of Remnant subservient only to the God King himself.
  • The Theori- A caste of priests dedicated to the Aygeemya, they are the only members of Remnant society not directly responsible to the Elders or even technically the God King himself.
    The Delve- A group of Remnant within the bounds of the Theori in charge of hunting heretics and enforcing orthodoxy. They have their connection to the mystic world severed by the other Theori that they might be more resistant to, and not able to be corrupted by, those they go after.
  • The Channelers- The collection of “magic users” in Remnant society, channelers function somewhat as a guild in their composition, and directly do the will of the Elders. Many use their abilities to sustain the general populace via resource management, production, or diversion. Channelers often form small militias as well to protect the people.
  • The Gathered – The Gathered are the Remnant population at large and account for roughly 75-80% of the total population. They serve in any number of roles as directed by The Elders for the greater good of the community and the Remnant race.
  • Ouk’moen or Outcasts – Outcasts are Remnant who have choose to reject the place in life given them by The Elders, as is their right. But doing so is seen by most as a choice of self over the species, an those who do are considered somewhat of a liability and are thus exiled from the cities. They are thus outside the law in many cases as most Remnant settlements are rather insular. While all outcasts are exiled, only some are part of the group calling itself the Remnant Exiles
  • The Remnant Exiles – Since other races have opened their cities to the Ouk’Moen, many have left the small villages and isolated living of the Remnant Wastelands and made their homes among the Alathans and Melali. A loose network of these outcasts has been established, growing and maintaining connections and offering advocacy. The Remnant Exiles have a large sway in the Remnant Quarter area of Ir Alatha and are a moderately small but powerful voting block within the Council of Dafsomet. They also control the only Remnant outcast city in Remnant lands, Mactabalis.
  • Zoarchs – Branded a heresy after a war nearly split the Remnant race, there are few now among those who call themselves Zoarchs. They practice a form of magic aimed at controlling and altering life cycles, often creating new species in the process. They often manipulate their own genetics to give themselves enhanced abilities and many Zoarchs are unrecognizable as Remnant. Zoarchs are believed to be responsible for the creation of Alathans, Melali, Homonculi, and The Plague, although the first two were prior to the label of heresy. The vast majority were destroyed in or following the Great War. A modification of Zoarch teachings and abilities created by Lord Eenkho is the Necrarch, based on control through corruption and destruction of opposition. Nechrachs are found amongst all races but are often solitary.


  • Duskolis: The large central basin of the Remnant continent. It is sparsely vegetated, rocky, quite often foggy, and covered in soft grey dust. Roughly 80% of Remnant cities are in this region (underground, like all non-exiled Remnant cities.)
  • Solfatara: Heavy geothermal activity has marked this region with hot springs, geysers, calderas, small volcanos, and created bizarre and twisted rock formations. There are only a handful of small settlements here.
  • The Gelidon: A large band of ice fields and glacial flows, nothing grows above ground here. Some populations have created cities below the ground where it is warmer.
  • The Vounalae: The largest known mountain range in the world, the rugged peaks of the Vounalae block nearly all precipitation from most of the remnant lands and are only settled along the far eastern edge bordering Duskolis.


  • Caducepolis: In the heart of Duskolis lies Caducepolis, seat of the Remnant hierarchs. In this massive underground city, one may find the Elders, the otherwordly temple caves of The Hallows, or even glimpse the God-King Khuulanayen himself.
  • Mactabolis: The only city of Remnant outcasts in Remnant lands, Mactabolis is a large above ground colony of dusty tents and hovels.


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